If one of your guy friends is going through a divorce, you’ll want to be there to help them through such a difficult time. For 10 thoughtful gifts to consider for them, read on…

We all know that going through a divorce can prove to be incredibly difficult. So, if one of your guy friends is currently dealing with the aftermath of a divorce, you’ll probably be wondering what you can do to help them.

Their divorce solicitors in Chelmsford, Cheshire, Chesham, or wherever they live, will be able to see them through the practical side of things. So, to do your bit on the emotional side of things, why not get them a thoughtful gift?

Everyone knows the power of a simple gift, and it might be the exact thing they need while they are having to contend with their divorce. So, if your friend is looking to move on with the next chapter in their life, then here are 10 gifts ideas you could consider to brighten their mood.

10 Gift Ideas for Guy Friends Going Through a Divorce

1. Books on Divorce

It can sometimes be difficult to offer any real advice on something like divorce, particularly if you’ve never had any experience with the subject. So, why not leave that to the experts?

A great gift you could get your guy friend would be a book on divorce. There are countless different books out there which vary in style and tone, so it’d certainly be worth doing a spot of research and finding one that you think would suit their personality and situation. It might not be the most exciting gift in the world, but it’s one they’ll be thankful for.

2. A Gym Pass

If your friend isn’t a gym regular, they’ll find it even more difficult than usual to exercise while they are dealing with the aftermath of a divorce. That said, this shouldn’t be interpreted as an insult!

A gym pass could give them that extra incentive to pick up a pair of dumbbells and hop on to the treadmill. It will, of course, help to boost their physical health, but it should also help to better manage their mental health.

man running treadmill

3. Beer Gifts

If you’re looking for a unique and personalized gift for your friend who loves beer, consider getting them personalized beer gifts like a mug or growler. You can have their name or initials engraved on the glassware, making it a thoughtful and memorable present.

Another idea is to get them a custom beer label. There are many websites that offer this service where you can create a label with their name and even add a personal message. They can then stick the label on their favourite brand of beer, creating a one-of-a-kind gift that they can enjoy.

4. Spa Voucher

It’s not often that we get the chance to fully let our guard down and relax. A visit to a spa will do just that! If your guy friend has never been to a spa before, then this will be their chance to see what all the fuss is about.

A visit to a spa will allow them to relax, put their feet up and take their mind off their divorce for a bit. If you’re feeling really generous, you could even sweeten the deal by throwing in a massage.

Man getting massage

5. An Invitation to Their Favourite Activity

What does your guy friend enjoy doing? If it’s something you think you might like to do with them, then why not send them an invitation?

It could be as simple as buying them a ticket to go and watch their favourite sports team, going to watch the latest release at the cinema or fetching a fishing rod and heading to a local fishing spot. If they enjoy doing something, chances are that they’ll appreciate it as a gift.

You could also try something unique and take them to an axe throwing venue. It’s an excellent way to have a fun and interactive experience with your friend. It is a great way to bond and create memories that you can look back on

6. A Short Holiday

This doesn’t mean you have to book a week-long holiday in the Bahamas, but you could consider a short break as a gift idea.

You can find plenty of cheap city breaks that you could offer as a gift, giving them a chance to get away from it all for a few days. You can always join them if you want – who doesn’t want an excuse for a short holiday?

7. A Care Package

If there are a bunch of small gifts you think would brighten your friends’ day, then you should definitely consider boxing them together into a single ‘care package’.

A care package could include a number of different things, edible or otherwise. They could be comfort foods, cosmetic essentials or even small inside joke that only you and your friend would truly appreciate. Small gifts can sometimes have the biggest impact.

8. A Subscription Box

Can’t think of anything to put in your own personalised care package? Then go searching for a subscription box! There are subscription boxes for pretty much anything you could possibly think of nowadays, making them a great gift idea.

You’ll normally pay a monthly fee for the subscription and, if worse comes to worst and your friend isn’t a massive fan, then you can always cancel at any time. Keep an eye out for any subscription boxes that offer free trials, or bonus offers for new customers!

9. Something to Make Them Laugh

Treating something as serious as a divorce with a little bit of humour can sometimes be the best approach. If you think that your friend would appreciate making light of their situation, then there are plenty of novelty items that can bring a smile to their face.

Just as an example – you could track down a candle that’s scented ‘Freshly Burned Divorce Papers’. It’ll be sure to make them laugh and, hey – who doesn’t like a candle?

man laughing

10. A House Plant

House plants are great. Not only do they brighten up a room, but they also give people a sense of purpose if they are finding it tough to cope following a divorce.

Like with the majority of tips on this list, you don’t need to be too extravagant when it comes to picking up a plant for your friend – it can even be a cactus if you wish.

11. Your Undivided Attention

Men traditionally find it difficult to talk about their thoughts and emotions. While the stigma surrounding that is thankfully being broken down, it remains true that some men don’t want to express how they’re feeling for fear of being made fun of.

So, one of the best gifts you can give your friend following a divorce is an hour of your undivided attention. Encourage them to speak about how they’re truly feeling and offer advice where you can.

Have You Got a Friend Who is Going Through a Divorce?

So, there we have it. These gift ideas should give you a better idea of how to cheer up a guy friend who is going through a divorce.

Have you got any more gift ideas you think would be worth sharing? Leave a comment below with your own suggestions.