Customer service in beauty salons is both an art and a beautiful ritual. But observing it, businesses should also remember about optimizing the work of the masters. Drying a client’s nails in the chair reduces the productive time of a master and requires additional attention to the visitor. Use a nail drying station to quickly and effectively dry your clients’ nails. This advanced equipment allows you to guarantee the quality of the final stage of the manicure and pedicure but does not require the participation of the master.

What Parameters Are Essential When Choosing a Nail Drying Station

The manicure equipment market offers a very wide selection of nail dryers. The stations are ideal in that this procedure can be carried out autonomously. But do not rush to buy the first available model. First, study the parameters in which they differ to make the best choice for your manicure parlour.

Number of Seats

How many clients visit your beauty salon? If they have to wait, this is not a good option for maintaining consumer loyalty. Buy a table for as many seats as you need to relieve the masters as much as possible and speed up the process. A typical station includes from 2 to 4 seats. If your salon needs bigger capacity, buy the largest 6-seat model. You can also purchase several stations by placing them next to each other or on different sides of the room.

Aesthetic View of the Station

There are so many beautiful models of nail drying stations that you will immediately want to buy them. The marble countertop, elegant design, and beautiful lighting instantly captivate the buyer. However, you should not buy an item that is not in harmony with the overall style of your salon. Choose not what is beautiful but what corresponds to the interior of your studio.

Polyfunctionality of the Table

If the salon provides manicure and pedicure services at the same time, it makes no sense to clutter up the space with single-function dryers. Buy compact tables that can dry both at the same time.

Housing Material

When selecting a dryer, it is necessary to be guided not only by its stylish and aesthetic appearance. Making an investment, consider how long you plan to operate the equipment. Plastic tables may seem more attractive to you, but they will not be durable. At the same time, the iron body of the table can serve indefinitely, although aesthetically, it will lose to plastic. If your salon is furnished with wooden furniture, buy drying equipment with wood-based finishes.

Station Equipment

UV light bulbs are a necessary element of the station, but it would be better if they were supplemented with dryer fans for both fingers and toes. In this case, UV lamps will dry gel polishes, and fans will take care of the ordinary polishes.

Temperature Control

You may encounter very demanding clients who have their own strict preferences regarding nail drying. How not to lose them? Choose stations with adjustable drying temperatures. Not only will your customers love it, but it will also help you save on electricity bills. Also, to save money, consider the option of automatic shutdown of the station.

Additional Opportunities

If you want to make your clients’ stay in your salon as comfortable as possible, explore the additional options of drying stations. A built-in magazine rack would be a good supplement. Thematic magazines will allow visitors to pass the time and get new ideas for future manicures.

Purchasing an advanced station will allow you to modernize your customers’ nail drying technology. At the same time, you release the masters and let them earn more. Investments in progressive equipment always pay off very quickly!