How to Look Professional Yet Stylish in the Office

How to Look Professional Yet Stylish in the Office

Appearances count for a lot in the world of business so it is important that you know how to look professional yet stylish in the office. This will influence how you are perceived by others but it could also help to give you a self-esteem boost which is vital for standing out from the crowd and improving your daily performance.

It will depend on your office and rules relating to attire but these are the main types of office attires and how you can wear them.

Work attire

Smart Casual

Smart casual is a great look in the office because it will impress and turn heads but it is also comfortable so that you are able to be productive throughout the day. This is clothing that is more sophisticated than casual wear but still allows you to express yourself. It is a broad term but a few key items to nail this look include:

  • Chinos
  • Long-sleeved shirts (casual or smart)
  • Unstructured blazers
  • Oxford leather shoes
  • Sweaters

Business Casual

Business casual is similar to smart casual but a slightly more relaxed look – think about dressing down a business suit as opposed to dressing up a casual outfit. This is a classic, clean look which shows that you are professional and presentable without going overboard. Suits but with a t-shirt underneath or a shirt with the top button undone is a classic business casual look or a blazer with chinos is another strong look, particularly for spring/summer. Accessories can also help to complete the look, such as with a smart mens bag.

Business Professional

The business professional style is a smart one which will send a message to everyone that you encounter. Suits complete with a tie is the most obvious look when opting for a business professional look but it is important that you are wearing high-quality clothing and garments that fit properly – this is vital so you may need to get a few items tailored to look your best. You can add colour and personality with the use of ties but try to retain a smart and professional look at all times.

You will want to dress to impress in the office so that you can make a good impression but also to give yourself a self-esteem boost. The above are the three main styles to focus on and these looks could help you to get ahead at work, improve your reputation and feel more confident in the office. Protection Status

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