You may be lucky enough to find an outfit that fits perfectly well, but that happens once in a while. But, having to bypass all amazing outfits because nothing seems to align with your body is so disappointing. However, there is a way to overcome such challenges-finding a good men’s tailor. Unlike women, men are poor shoppers, and very few go around looking for shopping stores, especially when it comes to clothes. However, you can afford to invest your time finding the perfect custom suit tailor once and for all to serve you for a lifetime.

When you have a unique size, manufacturers do not seem to have you in mind when making outfits, and you need to have your clothes tailored. Even if you are not uniquely sized, there is no way manufacturers are going to get all your body sizes right. One outfit will have an imperfect pant inseam, and another one will have arms that are too tight that you can’t move your hands freely, and so forth. You don’t need to have a poor sense of fashion because nothing fits quite well. You can always have a custom shirt, pants, or suit tailored perfectly just for you. Surprisingly, having your clothes tailored exposes you to a new world of men’s fashion that you never knew existed. Since a good tailor is hard to come by, here is how to find the perfect one.

How to find a good tailor for a suit

Do some research

First, educate yourself about men’s fashion and different styles. That is the only way you will distinguish a competent tailor who knows what they are doing and one that is not so good. Although many men will find it hard to spare some time to read about fashion, you can always try, and you may be inspired by what you find out. When you gain insights into man’s style, you will begin to pay more attention to outfit detail, such as how a jacket suit fits. Remember that your outfit says a lot about you. It is your first impression even before you introduce yourself, and it matters a lot. Since you have educated yourself, you now know the language of tailors and can start finding one.

Look for referrals

Most men will stick to one average tailor just because they don’t know another one and feel too lazy to seek recommendations. Scrutinize your friends and find out who seems to have a good sense of fashion and request them to refer you to their tailor. You can ask your women friends too but have in mind that male tailors are more conversant with the men’s outfits and vice versa. Note that not everyone who brands themselves a tailor is a good tailor.

what to look for in a men's tailor

Do they have good communication skills?

A good tailor will listen to you, try to understand what you want, and advise you accordingly. However, if a tailor pushes you into something you do not want, reconsider them. If you find a tailor, ensure they have enough time to communicate with you whether you call them or meet one on one. Tailors can be busy, but they wouldn’t be if they weren’t communicating with their clients. You can find a perfect tailor, but if they don’t listen to you and do what they think is right, you will be disappointed. So, find a tailor with whom you feel confident to communicate and who listens to you. Remember that you are the one to wear the suit, not them.

Find a tailor who is on par with men’s fashion.

Look for a tailor who has a good eye for men’s timeless fashion. Do not assume any tailor is conversant with men’s fashion. Strive to find one that has a classic sense of style in their work. If you have educated yourself a little bit in men’s fashion, you will identify a tailor who has a unique sense of style.

Check samples of custom suits and shirts.

Before you work with them, check custom samples or pictures of the tailor’s custom suits and shirts. Study all the details, including the fit, seams, stitching, build and silhouette, etc. Avoid a tailor who has nothing to show or no happy customers.

A good tailor is satisfied when you are satisfied.

A good tailor doesn’t get happy because they have completed the outfit but is happy when you are satisfied with what you get. That means he has your interests at heart. A good tailor is one who learns your perfect fit and strives to achieve that.

The bottom line

All in all, ensure the tailor has enough time for you. They can be busy but should be able to accommodate emergencies at least to enhance loyalty and goodwill.