How To Wear Double Denim

How To Wear Double Denim


If is there something that we love in street fashion, it is definitely wearing denim. Shirts, skirts, jackets and specially jeans, denim rules. Like men that seek comfort in clothing, there is nothing better to feel free and comfortable whilst wearing classic denim. This is the material that symbolises democracy in fashion.

There is an expression that affirms that more is always more, no wonder that wearing double denim is a rising trend. But really do you know how to wear this material twice? Remember the MTV days of Justin Timberlake and Britney, it is like a bad cartoon. If you have decided to apply this trend, I have prepared some ways for you to show you how to wear double denim without loosing style.

Light Washed

Denim isn’t synonym of dark blue, for wearing double denim, nothing is better than the washed-out denim. This type is usually lighter than normal denim, you can see the proof of this in the shirts below, which are made of a cotton blend that is cooler for sunny summer days. You can perfectly mix this with darker denim jeans.


Torn Textures

The effect of “torn” on shirts and trousers remains a force in denim design. This trend all started back in the late 1980s during the hard rock/heavy metal era and in the 1990s and 2000s during the grunge era. Although it is a rebellious version of how to wear denim, it is also a good choice for a casual look to score points with your old sneakers and a cap of your favourite baseball team. Wear torn trousers and a normal denim jacket and you will be able to pull of the double denim look.


Be Creative

If you are creative and you dare to wear funny clothes, one way to wear double denim is to use a patchwork on them. A good option is the Junya Watanabe’s spring summer collection of ready to wear denim for men. This is a brilliant collection built on boro, the traditional Japanese patchwork that began centuries ago as peasant clothing.

Junya Watanabe catwalk with patchwork denim

Junya Watanabe catwalk with patchwork denim

Fade To Grey

To exit the monotony of blue, try to blend in with the cement of the city: dark grey tones or preferably black came to denim for a more cosmopolitan and minimal look. Wearing dark denim from bottom to head is cool too, it willembellish your look adding a rock-and-roll edge to your denim. This creates a sophisticated sensible look, so you get the best of both aesthetics with minimal effort. I call this a win-win.


Shades of grey works well for double denim.

A Touch Of Coulor

It is in the details that make magic happen. Don’t forget to use some accents of colour on your denim clothing, some little patchworks, or you can use the colour in your accessories, like a cap, a scarf, a tie, or a jacket of another material or colour.  Or you can wear shoes that do contrast with the denim and become centre of attention.


Overalls The Nineties Crush

Denim overalls are only one of the nineties things that excites me very much now that they have returned. It allows you to wear double denim and look like a nineties grunge teenager. Remember that you can get both long and short overalls, so you can choose your style. To give it a more authentic touch, unbutton some.


More Examples

To give you some more inspiration I have added some examples on how to wear double denim. I hope you feel inspired, feel free to share your double denim look via our facebook page, so we can share it in front of our readers.

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