Do you want to join the fashion industry, but don’t know how to get there?

We are not going to lie. It is not going to be easy. Besides getting an education, you will need to gain at least some work experience, whether through internships or lower-level positions, such as being an assistant.

Before embarking on a job search, though, you need to understand what activity attracts you the most. Thinking about the world of fashion, people imagine glossy covers, catwalks of world fashion weeks, and the Chanel or Versace logo on luxury products. Meanwhile, fashion is a huge and complex mechanism that involves a large number of specialists from various fields and there are a lot of paths to the industry.

One of the main advantages of this industry is that it makes it possible for people with any requests and interests to find what they are looking for. You should always keep in mind the idea that recruiters give preference to candidates who clearly understand their career path. Fortunately, there are now a huge number of online courses, podcasts, and communities that provide the necessary information about every profession in the fashion world.

To find a job in the fashion industry, a resume alone is not enough. Almost all recruiters are looking for candidates who have an open and creative outlook on the world. If you are at the beginning of a career path, your resume probably does not have much content. Provide additional material about you that may be of interest to employers. The best way to do this is with a cover letter, although a good portfolio is also a plus. It is important to carefully consider not only your collection or models but also their presentation.

Most employers post available jobs on their websites or social pages, so follow the brands you are interested in. At the same time, you should not wait for your favourite fashion brands to post an interesting job. The truth is that waiting for a job that matches your experience and desire can take months or even years. So, don’t waste time and send requests yourself.

There is a chance that the job you are looking for did not make it to the online job boards. Nonetheless, it can be opened within the company or will appear in the near future, and your application will arrive at the most opportune moment. In addition, this strategy is great for making a good impression on recruiters.

You have to be persistent and not be afraid to show your work, participate in competitions, and undergo internships. Attending fashion and networking events can help you get to know people. Employers may not learn about you or offer you a chance to work for them unless you are being proactive.

Finally, keep in mind that everyone has their own path in the fashion profession. Some dream to be part of brands with recognizable fashion logos, while others simply want to work for large brands, such as H&M, or search for independent designers who reflect their style.

Everyone starts under different conditions and comes to success at different times. Even the world’s most famous designers had to sweat a lot so that now everyone knows their names. You should not give up when something doesn’t work out for you, try over and over, and create projects that can show your talent.

As difficult as this task may seem, the most important thing is to take the first step: start with choosing a specialization. Don’t let your lack of experience or professional portfolio stop you. If a recruiter sees in your resume an uncontainable desire to work in the company, they will surely find an opportunity to meet with you.