Instagram is a known social media that creates new celebrities and trends. Many people want to become influencers here. They buy custom Instagram comments, likes, video views, etc, and think that with the number that is bigger than the others they can win this game. Although paid stats can be really useful, the ones who wish for popularity on Instagram must create a working strategy for increasing their organic activity. Without real users who show genuine interest in the content you have. So, how to grow an active audience and benefit from your blog? Here are some extra effective tips for you.

Keep Up Stories

Stories are probably the most engaging kind of content on Instagram and you must put a lot of effort into creating them. Luckily there are enough instruments to make creative and interesting stories. First of all, Instagram offers a range of stickers that are great for entertainment and data collection as well. Here are the types of stickers that you should embrace to increase your account activity:

  • Questions
  • Quizzes
  • Yes/No
  • Emoji meter
  • Active links

These are the main tools that can help you to establish communication with your viewers and get more feedback from them.

Improve Your Visuals

Instagram’s success relies on picture quality and authenticity. So to engage more people and make them want to interact with your content, it has to be exquisite. You must create a certain aesthetic that resonates with the preferences of your target audience and always aim for more impressing. Consistent style along with unique content create value that motivates users to subscribe and check your account constantly, as they search for inspiration or leisure.

All the text part is secondary on this platform, as the visuals are doing major work in attracting and retaining the audience. Try to develop a unique style that will increase your visibility on Instagram. Add interesting details that will underline your personality.

Humanizing Like A Pro

Social media can be called a surrogate of real-life communication and that’s what people seek in their favourite influencers. They want to talk and engage with a person who’s behind the scenes of the content. Although some bloggers choose a rather cold attitude and willingly hide, minimizing their appearance in the content, it also attracts people. So another task for you is to decide how much you want to open up to the audience and stick to that decision.

The choice strongly depends on your content type and the desires of your target group. When you find the connection point with your subscribers, the growth will increase, as more and more like-minded people will find you.

Make Your Content Saveable

One of the measures that define your engagement rate and activity, is how often your posts are saved. Users save what they consider memorable and valuable to them, so they can get back to this particular post at any time. Saves can be a defining factor that the Instagram algorithm will count in for your ratings. Saving means that users will spend more time on the platform, so Instagram appreciates saveable posts for their potential.

A post worth saving usually contains helpful tips or is inspiring visually, so users would want to recreate it later. For example, highly saved kind of posts in the travel industry would be:

  • Tips on travel organization
  • List of sightseeing destinations in the region, state, or city
  • Travel photo ideas.

The worth and high-quality performance of such content will guarantee many views and saves too.

Share A Good Wit

All-time super engaging content is the one with memes and jokes. As people use social media to relax and distract from daily chores, they appreciate the fun and good laughs. Memes can be your rocket platform for popularity if you can create relatable and exquisite humour posts. One of the ways to gain success on social networks is by recollecting existing content that can be found all over the internet. But on Instagram, creating authentic jokes and memes will be rated higher, as users want to see more original materials.

When you begin a career as a comedian, you have to keep in mind that Instagram is rooting for tolerance and positivity, so unhealthy controversy can harm your growth. You should avoid joking about human appearance and health conditions, as well as race topics.

Host A Contest Or Giveaway

instagram giveaway

It’s a bold but effective method to increase activity on your Instagram profile. The job is simple: you create a post where you describe the prize and actions required to win it, set the final date of it, and watch how your statistics begin growing. People love winning prizes, but they will only be motivated by something relatable and maybe useful, so make sure that your prize will be interesting to your audience.

The action that is required for participation depends on your needs. Usually, it’s commenting and tagging friends, subscribing to your profile, and liking one or several posts. Some bloggers host their contests in stories, using stickers like quizzes. An interesting game to play in Stories is also “emoji hide-and-seek”. It means that you post a series of photos and hide on one of them an emoji, making it small and hard to notice at once. Who finds it first – wins. Easy, engaging, and also making your followers watch your stories multiple times, making activity statistics go bananas.

Meet Your Audience

It’s very important to be present on the platform at the same time when your audience is most active. This is a period for maximum communication with great dynamic, so you can improve your position in the rating. Discover when you have to be there and connect with the audience with the help of monitor troops that collect the data about user behavior. You can do this manually, tracking your performance on ig, but it takes more time. And be ready to spend much time on Instagram too, making new connections and exploring the platform, because your activity is also considered important for the rating. Consistency is a key to your success.

Use Relevant Hashtags For Discoverability

For effective growth, your account has to be visible on Instagram. Use related hashtags that can help your audience to find you. Hashtags are a search and categorization tool that also helps Instagram to suggest content for users properly. Also, people can subscribe to hashtags, so you have to put some effort into finding what bunch of terms describes your content best. Posts with more than 30 hashtags seem to beat others in the competition. To make it easier and quicker, you can use third-party hashtag suggestion instruments.