How To Keep Relationships At A Distance 

How To Keep Relationships At A Distance 

No one says that maintaining relationships at a distance is easy, but that does not mean that they are doomed to failure. If you give them enough time and attention, such relationships may be even stronger than those in which geographical remoteness is not an obstacle. Simple changes in habits, lifestyle, and overall mood will help you maintain intimacy with your loved one.

Try To Get To Know Each Other Better

As in any relationship, you should take the time to get to know your partner well and learn to understand them. In conversations, pay attention to what they love the most (hobbies, interests, daily activities) and try to find out more about it, then you will have more topics for discussion. Knowing each other’s preferences will help you in choosing gifts. Gift sharing is another way of conveying feelings over long distances. But some relationships are just not meant to be, so don’t waste your time and start a new one. If you are interested in Russian girls dating, then there are plenty of great services to be found online to choose from.

Discuss The Nature Of Your Relationship

Ask each other the necessary questions to clearly understand what kind of relationship you plan to have. Determine what kind of relationship you both want. For example, do you want to just date each other, do you want a serious relationship, or do you want to get engaged? You should also indicate the exclusivity of your relationship — does it mean that you two can’t start dating anyone else? You can ask a partner something on the lines of “Are you ready to move to my place if our relationship becomes more serious?” Or “What would you like to get from our relationship?”

These questions can be difficult to ask, and they can lead to a difficult conversation, but it is worth putting everything in its place from the very beginning to avoid misunderstanding and a broken heart in the future. They are important for building the relationships that both of you strive for.


Discuss Doubts, Insecurities, And Fears

Along with nice topics, talk about things that seem difficult and intimidating to you.

Consider this a good opportunity to honestly discuss your feelings. Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of a partner while you are physically far away from each other will help you calm down and accept them for who they are when you are next.

The desire to focus only on the positive aspects is understandable. However, the partner should also learn about your weak points. You are both human beings, so you cannot constantly radiate with joy and fun.

Maintain A Positive Attitude

Focus on the advantages of long-distance relationships – for example, the ability to devote more time to your interests, hobbies, or career goals. Recognize that distance makes you both more creative when it comes to communication and expression. Imagine this is a chance to test your communication skills and emotions.

As long as you are sure that distance is only a temporary aspect of your relationships, you can maintain a presence of mind, and your confidence and optimism will be transferred to your partner.

Set Reasonable Expectations

Remember that any relationship requires hard work and constant attention to your loved one, whether he or she is near or far away from you. If you and your partner are ready for these steps, be prepared for the path to be steep and bumpy. However, if you learn how to cope with obstacles, the shared experiences will strengthen your relationship for the future.

For example, you may find yourself unable to spend important dates or holidays together. If you know you can’t meet on your birthday or anniversary, find a way to get in touch and celebrate this day in a special way.


In relationships at a distance, it is easier to find a reason for disagreement, because the written message does not always guess the true intonation. Not seeing each other makes it easier to say hurtful things, though words hurt the same way. Be especially careful about how you interpret a partner’s words (they may not mean what you think) and what you say in a storm of rage.

It is not necessary to give up because of a small misunderstanding. Probably not to avoid problems, because you will not always be able to see the expression of the partner’s face and hear the tone of their voice. Be persistent and always build relationships. Always remember why you fell in love with your partner. Don’t make too much of a mistake – we’re all humans.

Come up with a creative way to countdown days to your next meeting and share it with your loved one. For example, make a photo calendar on your computer and add a new picture to it every day and a few words about what you love and appreciate about your partner. Protection Status

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