How to Take Care of Your BMW Car Paint 6 Steps for Men

How to Take Care of Your BMW Car Paint 6 Steps for Men

Buying a luxury car such as a BMW is an expensive undertaking. Therefore, protecting your car’s paint from damages can keep it efficient, shinning, more beautiful, and prolong its life. Whether it is scratches, nicks, bird droppings, or harsh weather conditions that affect the paint of your car regardless of your effort to avoid them, can be annoying. For that matter, it is essential to look for the best ways to protect the paint of your car. Or if in the recent past you have noticed dull patches on the paint, the European, specialists guarantee you personalized services to keep your vehicle up to the task.

However, here are some tips on how to take care of your BMW car.

Wash Your Car Regularly

No matter how hard you try to be careful, some paint irritants like bird droppings are bound to happen, which may cause corrosions if left on the paint for long. Therefore, it is advisable to wash your car regularly to get rid of such damages. Also, ensure you clean your vehicle using freshwater as soon as you notice any dirt. Most importantly, unless your car has got so much dirt, do not use soap while cleaning. Also, once you wash your car, it is always a good idea to dry it using a chamois to keep it dry and shinning.

Polish Your Car

Sometimes weather conditions or mild damages can take a toll on the sinning effect on your car. If your car paint looks dull due to scratches and nicks, fresh polishing can bring back the initial shinning impact on the paint. Ideally, car polish is rich in micro-fine substances that smoothly clean the surface of the car, leaving it clean and shining. Therefore, it is crucial always to polish your car whenever you notice damages to protect the paint.


Another essential way to achieve a better paint finish and a supper shine is by using clay. The first step before you apply the clay is to ensure your car surface gets a thorough cleaning using an appropriate cleaner. While you wash your car, it is vital to find the right towel that can be gentle to the paint surface to avoid scratches. Most importantly, make sure to use high-quality clay in cleaning your car to keep it shining.

Use a Paint Cleanse

If you want to wash and restore your car from blemishes and effects caused by mild oxidation, paint cleansing can do the trick. A paint cleanses in non-abrasive chemical car care that gets rid of all paint marks and other unseen paint damages. Similarly, paint cleansing can remove contaminants that may be hard to reach by using a clay bar. Using paint cleanse not only cleans your car to give it a shimmering effect but also makes it easier to apply various sealants on its surface.


Waxing is another brilliant way to keep the paint of your vehicle intact and shining. However, it is a good idea if you take your time to find and use the right wax. You should keep in mind that different types of paints behave differently to polish and wax. Therefore, make sure you identify the kind of paint that was used initially to help you find products that can blend with the paint. However, remember that some waxing products may serve as abrasive substances that can react with the paint to remove the initial shine. Additionally, well-done wax should be durable. However, its durability will depend on the type of products used and the weather conditions.

Touch Up the Paint

If there are still stubborn scratches after you polish your BMW car, you may need a better way to fix the scratches adequately. Besides rust-proofing the vehicle, it is vital to get rid of small scratches by use of touch up paint. Once you fix the scratches, it is recommendable to a rubbing compound to give a super shinning finish. On the other hand, if the scratches are too deep, you may have to sand the surface and use primer on the paint before applying paint on scratched areas. Alternatively, if you want to re-paint an old car, it is crucial to choose the best paints and adhere to the paint preparation procedures for the best outcome. Protection Status

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