If you aim to make any trip more successful, you must start by arming yourself with knowledge. You might think that you already know exactly what to bring along with you on your next ski trip, and you might have a general idea, but chances are, you don’t have everything covered. That, however, won’t be the only hurdle. The way you arrange your items can make a major difference. Not putting the items in an orderly fashion will not only make them harder to get to, but it will also obviously limit your carrying capacity. Want to be the most prepared possible for your next big backcountry ski trip?

The Backpack

This is one item that goes without saying, but it is still worth a mention because there are so many variations of packs available today. When it comes to a Slope Mountain Gear or backcountry skiing gear, you’re going to want a brand of the highest quality. A recommended brand like Slope along with an ABS airbag will also be a good idea. A pack of these standards will not only ensure that you have enough room to bring everything needed along with you, but it’ll provide you with a peace of mind and a little extra added safety.

Beacon, Shovel, And Probe

The three horsemen of the skiing world are the beacon, the shovel, and probe. You’ll probably want to opt for a shovel with a large blade and a stout handle along with a 300-centimeter probe. While these items will no doubt consume more space, they are considered the professional standard and much more durable than that compared to the lesser options available. The brand of beacon won’t really matter as much as long as you know how to use it. That being said, the three-antenna options are always a go-to option for many that take multiple and deep buries.

ski backpack with shovel and probe

ski backpack with shovel and probe

First Aid

You’ll want plenty of bandages, roller gauze, 4x4s, and cravats in the event of major trauma or bleeding. ACE bandages and quick-splints will be more than handy in the event of a broken wrist or other small bone injuries. Whether you are travelling alone or with companions, it never hurts to also bring along a pocket mask for CRP. The items not only make the procedure quicker and easier, but they make it more sanitary. And, this is something that everyone needs to be practising a little more of these days, with tons of unknown viruses and bacteria looming about. Trauma shears are going to be another essential that will get grouped in with this equipment. They’ll come in handy if and when you need to cut protective clothing to access a wound.

first aid kit

Radio And Cell Phone

Depending on where you are going, you might not get any reception at all, but if you have to hike, you have to hike to it. A handheld two-way radio system will be good for communicating for partners, while a cell phone will come in handy in the event of a major disaster. If you plan on bringing along a smartphone of some sort like the iPhone just make sure that you keep it out of the way of the beacon, as the two might interfere with each other.

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