Men’s Bags – The Thin Line Between a Handbag and a Manbag.

Men’s Bags – The Thin Line Between a Handbag and a Manbag.

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Bags are an essential for any man wishing to perfect his style and add that extra flare to what he’s wearing. To most, the bag is an essential item needed for carrying important documents, iPads, laptops, or even just your every day items like tissues and a drink. However it’s important not to fall into the trap of using one, simple bag every day of the week. Lets face it, we’ve all got a “safe” bag that’s used when we’re in a rush or simply can’t be bothered. But fashion is all about experimentation and finding your own style. The key to picking the right bag – THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

The Backpack

This designer backpack from Astrid Andersen reminds me of the Yeti. A perfect choice, although a part of its Spring/Summer 2014 collection, for winter. Stand out from the crowd and show them you’re ready for the snow with this statement piece to accompany an autumnal/tonal outfit.

This bag certainly meets the criteria of thinking outside the box. It’s different, it’s quirky and it’s perfect for any man wanting to make an impact from the behind.

Embrace the youthful look of a backpack, but create the style you’re looking for with its elaborate ‘tails’.

mens man bag animal tail

Traditional Style

More traditional? The briefcase is a safer option, but don’t go for the boring, old man’s look – brighten up your look with a lighter or tonal coloured bag like this one spotted at London Collections: Men.

Offering the professional, traditional benefits of a casual briefcase, this is a perfect example of how to stay in fashion, experiment a little and be THAT man who stands out in the office.

mens man bag tan leather tote

Grip is Everything

However, beware of the thin line between the MAN bag and the HAND bag. Don’t go for bags with a slightly larger handle meant for resting on your arm – carrying your bag this way won’t provide you any compliments.

This small canvas bag from Doll London comes in a multitude of colours, but regardless, carrying it the wrong way is detrimental to your whole style. Be sure to hold your bag with certainty, in the Men’s fashion industry, grip is everything – and don’t be ashamed to show off what you’re wearing.

mens man bag canvas handle

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