When you are fashionably minded, you always want to look your best. Vacation gives you an amazing opportunity to try out some of your favourite looks and styles. While looking fashionable may be high on the list of daily priorities for you, the restrictions that can come when you combine travelling and fashion can be tenuous. One of the best ways to improve your travel experience is to become better at packing. Although you may feel like a professional over-packer, this can weigh you and your adventures down. If you want to look your best without overpacking for your next adventure, here are a few essential tips.

Know Your Itinerary

One of the most powerful tools you have in your packing process is your itinerary. Knowing what activities to plan for and what climate to expect can vastly improve your ability to pack properly. Knowing what to expect on your Caribbean cruise can leave you looking fabulous and also avoid the stress of managing too many suitcases. Your list of essentials will look very different for a fancy dinner compared to a midday tourist excursion or a day of hiking. Equip yourself with your itinerary and get to packing.

Use Existing Resources

If you are consistently guilty of packing too much to be fashionable, you may need some additional help. While the constructive criticism from your spouse or travel partner may trigger more stress, you can use existing resources like phone applications and packing templates online to guide your packing process. Don’t let the stress of looking your best get in the way of you looking incredible for your travel adventures when you can use templates and guides to help you find your way more easily.

Lay it Out

If you enjoy fashion and trendy styles, you also enjoy visuals. Being able to see everything in front of you may be a step in the process that you are missing. If you want to ensure that you are dressed to impress for your upcoming travels, lay all of your outfits out on the bed or another surface. Seeing everything in front of you paired with your trusty itinerary can ensure that you are ready for every activity and adventure out there.

Focus on Accessorizing

Fashion-forward folks understand the importance of accessory accents for their ensemble. If you want to bring a look together, you need that finishing touch. Whether you opt for a sunhat to shield you from the harsh summer sun or the perfect piece of jewellery to enhance your look, you need that little extra something. Luckily, many accessories air on the smaller side. Opt for eye-catching accessories and the perfectly paired basics to give you the form, function and fashion that you want.

Don’t Think You Need to Forgo Fashion for Function

One of the biggest mistakes that many fashionable travellers make is thinking that you need to forgo fashion for function. You can still put fashion at the forefront with a bit of intentional and practical planning. Make sure that you have basics and weather-appropriate options that suit different needs. Relying on fashion-friendly basics, the right accessories and carefully chosen footwear can ensure that you look fabulous all day long. Don’t be disillusioned by the idea of having to sacrifice one for the other, when all it takes is a bit of planning and forethought.

Pack Carefully

After a lengthy trip or day-long travels, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is dealing with wrinkled or disorganized messes of clothing and accessories. If you want to enjoy a smoother travel experience while still looking amazing, you need to know how to pack a suitcase. By carefully packing, placing your heaviest items on the bottom, rolling your clothes and organizing your accessories carefully, you can ensure that everything arrives in the best shape possible.

While fashion and travel do not always combine cohesively, they don’t need to live in opposition to one another. You can embrace your fabulous fashionista self without having to lug around your entire closet. Become an expert in packing as well as fashion and you can ensure that you have a picture-perfect, stress-free look wherever you go.