Situated in Northern Italy and in the central of the Po Valley in the Emilia-Romagna area, Bologna is one of Italy’s hidden secrets. With its customs, dynamic cultures, growing politics and outstanding cuisine, it’s a city you should visit. The best way to explore the beautiful features of this flourishing city and surroundings of Emilia-Romagna is to rent a luxury car in Bologna through a rental company like Primerent that is known for its service and quality around Europe.


Italian cuisine is certainly one of the best known and welcomed in the world. The great strength of Italian cuisine with its complex diversity represents its greatness. Depending to the differences in the climate and land, the cuisine of most states have variations. The distinctness in climate and land are understandable: The Alps with usual mountain climate, the Po Valley, continental weather, the coastal areas, hills of central, toward the southern regions and islands, with their calm climate. These changes have an impact on raw material as well as processed products, such as a product that’s used in the typical Italian cuisine like sausage.

The climate in Emilia Romagna is humid with cold winters, excellent for seasoning meats, which allows the smallest addition of salt helping in creating sausages. Various seasonings such as chili pepper and other flavours are added to cover any bad taste of the meats.

Italy’s Food Valley

Emilia Romagna, the huge area in Italy, home to Bologna is famous for the signature ingredients where the Italian cuisine is created. This is the greatest destination where food lovers can organize special tours to witness the production of mortadella and prosciutto, balsamic vinegar and Italy’s famous cheese, Parmesan.
Part of the valley is recognized as the “Parma food valley” on account of the cuisine it creates. There are various foods that are a must to try when you visit this valley.

Parma Ham or Prosciutto di Parma

Made in Parma the Parma ham known, as prosciutto is a ham that’s salted for a few weeks instead of cooking it.


Parmigiano-Reggiano is produced in Parma and Reggio Emilia, known as “parmesan”.

Mortadella Di Bologna


Mortadella Di Bologna – spiced pork sausage made in Bologna which incorporates at least 15% small cubes of pork fat.

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena


One of the regions famous products is the balsamic vinegar, used for many popular recipes. You’ll find it drizzled on some Parmigiano-Reggiano, or on various pasta.

Calamari Ripieni Di Calamaretti


Calamari ripieni di calamaretti is a stuffed calamari dish seasoned to perfection.

Anguille A La Ravennate


Anguille a la ravennate is eel cooked in a butter tomato.

Piselli con Pancetta


Piselli con pancetta a special dish of Bologna, pancetta cooked up with peas.



The traditional Tortellini also originates from this region and is a worldwide favourite.

Food Heaven

In between dining enjoy the captivating cities of Bologna, Ferrara, Parma and Ravenna with the medieval churches and exclusive Byzantine artworks. Furthermore, there’s a lot of creative food in Emilia-Romagna, as everywhere. They have a top-ten-list molecular palace and now voted number one restaurant in the world the three Michelin stars Osteria Francescana. When you look behind most of the creative frou-frou in Emilia-Romagna, you find it’s the soul of the region that anchors many dishes.


The Emilia Romagna area is the only region today that concentrates 30 products classified PDO within a relatively small area. Indeed, the Emilia Romagna remains one of the most influential culinary regions in the whole country.