Leading up to the days of your engagement photo shoot, you want to be at your best and look the best so that you can get the perfect photographs to send out to your family and your friends. This entire process involves choosing the right dress, getting the ideal hair made, choosing the right location for the photoshoot, and hiring a good photographer.

Some people are usually not aware of the idea of save-the-dates. Save the date wedding cards you send to your family and friends to celebrate your engagement while giving them a hint that a wedding card will soon be following. Because there are so many things that you need to take care of before the wedding, you need to make sure that you send out your save the date cards on time.

Choosing the right save the date card

  • For many people choosing the right card is one of the biggest hassles that they have to go through while sending them out. While many people might want to choose a template that is already pre-made, you can design and decorate the whole card yourself too.

These things come later, but first, you have to prepare for the perfect engagement shoot and look your best.

Looking your best doesn’t always mean smiling and looking pretty for the picture. It means that your dress should compliment the colour of your eyes, your makeup should look good, and the scenery should be excellent. Here are some tips on how to look good for your save-the-date photographs: 

How to look good for your save-the-date photographs

  • Choose your dream photographer: Due to the busy engagement season, you might be lagging behind in some things, but the first thing that you need to do is book your dream photographer before time runs out. A good photographer makes reality look like a dream; that is how you will shine in your save-the-date photographs.
  • Get bold with colour: What you are wearing for your photoshoot shows how the photographs will turn out. Don’t forget to add some colour and play with it while you are at it. With neutral backgrounds and bold colours, you will make yourself look beautiful.
  • Let yourself loose: The more you stay in the element of the photograph, the more reserved you’ll feel. You must let yourself open and feel the moment while taking pictures.
  • Spend money on making yourself feel beautiful: Nothing ever goes wrong by booking yourself a day at the salon and getting your hair and nails done. This will make you feel confident and pretty about yourself while keeping you geared up for the upcoming big day.

Elegant wedding save the dates are not only meant for your family and friends but they are meant to be kept as a memory so that after many years when you go back down memory lane, you can remember how much effort and love you put into creating something for your wedding day.