It is difficult to understand women sometimes. However, every guy wants the chosen one to think about him often, and even miss him. How can this be achieved? There are 7 tricky ways.

Make her a useful gift

Well, people are very fond of gifts. But the question is what to give a girl that she remembers you as often as possible? And if you think that it must necessarily be something expensive/beautiful/romantic, then the answer is wrong. Your gift will make her involuntarily think about you if she will use it, and not just put it on the shelf.

Be her hero

When you date young women, make them feel safe and secure with you. Ride together on a roller coaster, jump with a bungee, ride on a motorcycle or go-kart. Your task is to provide an adrenaline rush and care, which will be fixed in her memory. With a combo like this, the overall situation will remain an exciting but positive experience. She will want to repeat it again as it will be great and safe with you. So, become a hero for her/

Leave your scent

How to make a girl think about you? Use your scent. Many women love to use this technique. They leave behind a scent trail after a meeting or some communication. Men should also use eau de toilette. This scent will remain on the clothes or body of your woman, sometimes recalling memories at the most unexpected moment.

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Turn on “offline” mode sometimes

There is no need to show the chosen one that she can always count on a meeting or a telephone conversation. The girl will start missing you if she doesn’t see the answer to a message for several hours. Also, don’t show undue interest in her pages on social networks. For example, she posted a photo from a party where she looked amazing, so pretend that this has gone unnoticed. But after a while, when you meet, be sure to give her a compliment.

Become for her a synonym for pleasant emotions

One of the simplest tricks to make a girl miss you and look forward to meeting you is to always have something new and exciting for your dates. So, keep an eye out for cool new spots or free events, or take her out for a weekend in one of the neighboring cities that you both have never been to.

Act unexpectedly

To make surprises, come up with non-trivial joint entertainment and pleasantly surprise her, whatever it may concern. You can present impressions as gifts – a certificate for a tour of the rooftops, volunteering at an animal shelter, tickets to concerts of her favorite band. Unexpected trips, romantic surprises, and other cute little things – they don’t need a festive occasion.

Make her smile more often

Again, due to their emotionality, girls often choose those men who cause positive emotions and impressions in them as partners, which means they are associated with joy. For example, you can simply give a girl a pet if she likes fluffy cuties. Each time, taking care of her new friend, she will remember you. Psychologists say that the best weapon in conquering a woman’s heart is a good sense of humor, so a man needs to amuse a girl and make her smile as often as possible.

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