Scrubs are essential working outfits in the medical field. They are functional and allow maximum comfort while at work. These uniforms also offer safety from cross-contamination because the attires are only worn in the workplace. Therefore, contaminants from outside don’t spread inside the work areas, and toxins from work don’t spread outside. The uniforms also make it easy for patients or clients to identify personnel in medical centres.

The benefits of these clothes are endless. Aside from the advantages, medical centres emphasize these attires mainly because they portray professionalism within the workplace. While still maintaining the set dressing regulations, you can add a personal touch to the uniform to attain a fashionable look. If you’re a man, there are so many methods of styling up scrubs tops for men or pants to make them suit your style. 

Tricks To Make You Look Good In Scrubs

Every individual has a unique preference when it comes to elegance. Features like size, design, accessorizing, patterns, and colours differ from person to person. No matter what you favour, this article offers efficient help to look your best while at work without compromising professionalism.

Some of the ways to personalize your scrubs are:

  • Consider A Fitting Size

Work clothes that are too tight or too loose will hinder comfortability at work. Sometimes medical professionals move around the work area a lot. They, therefore, require clothes that allow maximum movability as well. To ensure you get an attire that provides these two factors, take measurements before picking an outfit. If you find it challenging to measure yourself for the best fit, look for fitting guides or ask for help from a local designer.

  • Customizing

You’re allowed to customize your outfit. For instance, you can have your initials, nickname, or actual name colourfully embroidered on your top. Emblems are also an excellent way to give outfits a personality. Modifications of this kind should, however, not go against the centre’s regulations. 

You can also add watches, studs, or other simple jewellery that could compliment your outfit. Even so, ensure that these additions don’t hinder performance. Extra pockets with zippers on your uniform can also be a great addition. These will help secure personal items. An alternative for zips could be buttons or fabric eyelets.

  • Pick Complementary Colours

You can also try out various colours to enhance your look. Most medical centres allow their staff to wear different colours apart from the standard blue. In this case, consider colours that flatter your skin tone. To identify the best shade, hold up the attire to your face. If the cloth brightens your look or makes you glow, that’s the right one for you.

If you’re not the best judge of colour, consider carrying a friend along or ask for help from the shop attendant. They should help you identify the most favourable colours for you.

  • Look For Stylish Pattern Designs

There are many patterns and prints you can choose from to style up your outfit. You can pick floral, animal, or striped patterns to enhance your look. However, ensure that the pattern designs you select are not distracting to patients or other colleagues. Larger prints are often dramatic and quite bothersome to the eye. Smaller designs, on the other hand, are relatively calm and could complement your look.

Most scrubs are bought in pairs. That is, they come as top and pants. You can get some patterned and plain sets to mix them up creatively. For great matches, pick a patterned top and a solid-coloured pair of pants or vice versa for the day. Play around with different complementary combinations to create a fresh look every workday. 

How to Make Scrubs Stylish

  • Choose A Suitable Fabric

The market also offers different fabrics to choose from. However, be keen on the kind of material you pick. Keep in mind that some fabrics are stretchy, and others wrinkle, while others could shrink after the first wash. All these factors could affect your appearance in one way or the other. 

Additionally, some materials are suitable for certain climatic conditions, while others are not. For instance, warm climates require light, breathable and sweat-absorbent fabrics. Cotton is ideal for such areas. On the other hand, cold temperatures need materials that will supply maximum warmth throughout the day. Wool works well for such places. Therefore, before making a purchase, study the different kinds of fabrics available and their distinctive features.

  • Consider Stylish Footwear

Footwear helps to complete any outfit. For medical professionals, comfy, non-slip, and flexible shoes are the best to work with. To enhance your appearance, consider solid-coloured, multi-coloured, or patterned shoes.

The type of shoe material you choose should also complement your outfit. Three common types of shoes worn in the medical field are clogs, leathers, or sneakers. However, as you think about styling up your footwear, ensure that you don’t compromise on efficiency. This means the shoes you pick ought to offer maximum support and cushion for your arches. You’ll need this, especially if you’ll spend longer standing or walking, to prevent back pain. 

Socks can also enhance your look. Since socks are easy to buy, have as many as you can, with different patterns and styles to alternate. The pair you pick for a day should match your outfit or mood of the day.

  • Ensure Proper Care For Your Scrubs

Maintaining proper care for your scrubs ensures that your outfit will serve you for a longer time and keep you looking good. All fabrics will require different care techniques. Therefore, clean and iron your clothes as recommended by the manufacturer on the clothes’ tags. 

Also, wear and tear are inevitable for this kind of work attire. So, make sure that you repair your outfit whenever necessary to prevent further damage. Besides, having multiple scrubs to change during the week will enhance the durability of the clothes.


In a professional field where you’re required to wear scrubs, it’s easy to personalize the outfit and make it more stylish. For instance, you can consider sizes that are fitting or those that complement your body shape. Also, you can choose different colours or pattern designs for your work uniform. You can also customize your scrubs with zippers, embroidery, emblems, or buttons. To complete your look, get shoes and socks that will match your daily outfit. Lastly, to ensure you look good for longer, consider proper maintenance of your work outfits.