Tailored Suits

As a guy you need to  understand the important of looking good, feeling good but not being put out by having to search for the right suit for hours on end. So we do things differently, we come to you, whether its your office or home, we make the effort to make sure that you are left feeling happy with both your suit and our service.

To make this even easier for you, here re the top five reasons to buy a tailored suit rather than one off the peg. 

  1. A tailored suit takes countless measurements to make sure that every aspect is created to fit your body and your shape. If you buy a suit off the peg, it has a generis shape which will often need to be altered to fit comfortable and even when it has been altered, the fit still wont be perfect.
  2. When a suit is being tailored, there are a number of fittings you can have, at each stage of the process. This ensures that the suit fits you correctly from the start to the finish. You may also get a warranty on your suit, so if you put on weight or lose some, we can alter the suit.
  3. There are hundreds of fabrics and linings that you can choose from. Do you want your name embroidered inside? That’s fine! Turn ups on the trousers? We can do that too. On a suit you can pick up from your average suit shop, it comes how it comes and you do not have a say in the various changes you may like to be made to the suit.
  4. Generally, fashion store tend to be on trend. This means that they will stock what is ‘in’ at the moment and not stock everything that may not be considered cool at the time of buying. This means that if you prefer something a bit different, quirky or unusual, they may not be able to help. We, however, have so many different specifications for clients, that the suit can be tailored in any which way you would like!
  5. Off the peg suits are often made with far cheaper material, which wears quickly and you find yourself needing to buy new suits more frequently. The fabric used by tailors can often be so superior in quality, that the suit ends up lasting a lot longer. When visiting a tailor, you also get great aftercare advice, so you know how often to have your suit dry cleaned, how to store it and which situations it would look best being won.

Greg Minnaar The worlds best Downhill Mountain Biker had his first ever bespoke suit made two months ago.

Greg Minnaar - 3 time  Downhill World Champion Greg Minnaar - Bespoke Dress Shirt by David Brooke 2014