It is important to remember that seeds are alive. And just like all living things, they can die. Marijuana seeds can cost as much as 10 Euros, you probably do not want your cannabis seeds to die. Hence, you need to know how to store your cannabis seeds properly to have them survive for as long as you want. Read on to discover the best ways to store your cannabis seeds.

Why Should You Learn How To Store Your Seeds?

To grow your marijuana plants, you will need seeds, and these seeds will only germinate if they are kept in good condition. Seeds that are not stored appropriately will go bad and refuse to germinate. With appropriate storage, you can keep your seeds in great condition for years. Most amateur growers will however only need to store seeds for a few months. This is often due to limits to how many seeds can be planted in one go. Regardless of the duration of storage, you need to know how to store cannabis seeds appropriately.

Tips For Storing Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds can be stored for longer periods if done correctly. These tips would help:

  • Make use of the right container

One of the first things to consider when storing cannabis seeds is the storage container. When you choose a container to store your cannabis seeds, it is advisable to get a container that is made out of a single material. This is because a container made out of different materials, a glass container with a metal cover, for example, will have the different materials react differently to changes in temperature which may not be good for your seeds.

While plastic containers may be suitable for short-term storage, you should not use them to store seeds for a long time. This is because plastic containers have microscopic pores that will let moisture in over a long time which may end up damaging the seeds. Glass is often a much better choice for storing cannabis seeds.

  • Label the containers

When you are storing more than a single strain of cannabis seeds, you should store them in separate containers and label them. This way, even if you keep them in storage for a few years, you will be able to identify each strain when the time comes to make use of them. Failing to label the containers will result in you forgetting which strains you have and you can even forget outright that they are marijuana seeds.

  • Keep light out

Light is needed for germination to occur and so keeping light away from your stored seeds will help you prevent sprouting. The best place to store cannabis seeds is in a cool, dark, and dry place.

  • Regulate the temperature

Cannabis seeds should be stored at a regular temperature. The ideal temperature for storage is between 40 and 45 Fahrenheit. You can keep your seeds in the fruits and vegetable section of your refrigerator. You have to keep in mind that the seeds are not to be frozen. As long as you keep the temperature constant, your seeds will remain good for a long time.

  • Regulate the humidity

For germination to occur, your seeds need to have moisture. Keeping the moisture out is a great way to prevent your seeds from going bad. Moisture could also make your seeds rot while in storage. To keep the moisture out, you will need to store the seeds in an airtight container. You could also make use of uncooked rice or a silica package to help absorb any moisture. Anything you use to absorb the moisture from your seeds should be food grade as it will be next to your seeds for a long time.

Containers To Store Your Cannabis Seeds In

cannabis seeds storage

  • Glass jars

A glass jar is one of the best containers with which you can store your cannabis seeds. This is because glass jars can be airtight, which helps to keep moisture away from your seeds. To make it further moisture-proof, you can keep a silica packet in the jar or line it with cotton wool to absorb any moisture that makes it way past the lid. You should also keep light from reaching your seeds by wrapping the jar in an opaque material. This method of storage can help you store your seeds for several years.

  • Paper envelopes

Paper envelopes are only suitable for storing seeds for a short period. You should however make sure that the paper envelope is thick enough to prevent light from reaching your seeds. You can further ensure this by storing them in a dark place. Paper envelopes can be easily labelled to help you identify each strain when the time comes to use them.  Again, you can make use of silica packets or uncooked rice to keep out the moisture.

  • Mylar bags

Mylar bags are great containers for storing cannabis seeds as they are airtight and prevent light and moisture from reaching their contents. You can put in a packet of silica for good measure.

  • Vacuum sealed bags

Vacuum sealed bags prevent oxygen and any moisture from reaching the contents, making them a perfect storage container for cannabis seeds.

  • Storage pots

Storage pots can be used to store cannabis seeds for a short period. You have to make sure to use an airtight lid to ensure that very little moisture gets into the pot. A packet of silica will take care of any moisture that makes its way past the airtight lid. Make sure to keep your storage pot in a cool, dry place so that your seeds do not get damaged by high temperatures.

  • Plastic bags

Plastic bags can be used to store cannabis seeds for a short period. Ziploc bags for example can be made use of as long as you keep them out of the light in a dark place.

Wrapping up

When you buy pot seeds and plan to use them almost immediately, you do not have to worry too much about storing them, although it’s best to keep them out of the light and in a cool, dey place. A cupboard should do for this.

If you however plan to store them for weeks, months, or even years, you have to plan properly, stock up on airtight containers, or even vacuum bags if the plan is to keep them for years. You also have to make sure you do not store them in conditions that are suitable for germination.

You should also keep them in a clean environment that is free of pests. A final tip is to buy your seeds from the right source, as no amount of careful storage will restore bad seeds to a perfect condition. Over at Herbies, marijuana seeds for sale are carefully selected and packaged to ensure that you get your seeds in their best condition.