How to Throw a Bachelor Party You Won’t Forget

How to Throw a Bachelor Party You Won’t Forget

So your best buddy is hanging up his party boots and getting married. Find out here how to throw a bachelor party you won’t forget.

Has one of your best buddies recently gotten engaged? Then you’ll want to throw him a bachelor party that he won’t ever forget!

But there are so many possibilities to choose from, and any one of them can turn out to be a disaster. If you’re wondering how to throw a bachelor party, we’re here to give you some tips to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

Cater to the Groom’s Interests

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s actually a point that many people fail to carry out when in the excitement and flurry of things. You might have a bunch of crazy and cool ideas swirling around in your head for bachelor parties, but the most important thing is to cater to the groom’s interests.

For example, if the groom doesn’t really like Game of Thrones, you don’t want to center the bachelor party around the series, even though it’s a series the majority of people enjoy. If you’re not quite sure about what he likes, ask around in the group. The safest choice for a theme would be an interest that commonly pops up when you speak to his groomsmen.

Make Sure You Plan Something Everyone Will Enjoy

Not only will you have to make sure you pick activities that the groom will like, but you should also make sure you’re choosing things that everyone can do. There’s nothing worse than sitting on the sidelines feeling like you’re left out when everyone else is having fun.

For instance, if someone’s hearing impaired, you don’t want to schedule a trip to the comedy club. Or if someone is obese, you don’t want to plan for a full day of hiking.

The most important thing is that you make sure everyone is comfortable with all the activities you choose so no one feels left out or embarrassed.


Spread Out the Responsibilities

Trying to handle the party planning responsibilities all on your own can be exhausting. Is it doable? Yes. But is it reasonable? No.

You might be a control freak, but you’ll lose your sanity if you try and tackle everything by yourself. When you get other people invested in the planning, it can make things more fun.

Plus, with more perspectives on the activities, you might get even better ideas. The other groomsmen can also offer you an extra check to see if anything’s been overlooked.

Try Planning for the Weekend Before the Wedding

Traditionally, bachelor parties are held the night before the wedding. It’s a symbolic way of sending off the man from his single life to married bliss.

But when you party hard the night before the best day of your life, it’s bound to go wrong. Not only are you hungover, but you probably have a lack of sleep too. That doesn’t bode well for the ceremony or for the pictures.

Make sure your best friend’s wedding doesn’t get ruined by the bachelor party by planning it for the weekend before. Or at least try and have a day or two’s gap between the bachelor party and the wedding so everyone gets a chance to recuperate.

Make Sure You Address the Details

Once you’ve got the big picture out of the way, make sure you take a good look at the details. You may have planned an awesome day for the bachelor party, but all it takes is one overlooked detail to put a kink in your plans and a damper on the whole day. This is where having the brains of the other groomsmen comes in handy.

For example, if you’re having a bachelor party event out in the middle of nowhere, you’ll probably need to bring your own source of power. Make sure you take a look at small diesel generators for sale well in advance so you have one ordered and ready to go before the day arrives. Assign one of the guys to be in charge of it so you don’t lose track of the generator.

Get Some New Scenery

A bachelor party is a chance for a mini getaway, so don’t let everyone down by hosting it in your home town. Or even worse, in your own home.

Use this party as an excuse to get a change of scenery. Make it a day trip where the boys can kick back, relax, and take in the sights and offerings of a different city.

Barcelona is a popular destination for Bachelor parties

Plan for Some Drinking Games

What’s a bachelor party without some drinking games? It’s time to get boozy! Playing some drinking games is a great way to pregame before a bar crawl or club night, and it can help everyone get to know one another.

While everyone appreciates the classics like “Never Have I Ever,” King’s Cup, and beer pong, this can be an opportunity to get creative with drinking games. Do your research and have a good list of games on hand for the day of so you can quickly switch games if you find that the group isn’t enjoying any of them.

Create a Hashtag

Everyone’s going to be taking tons of pictures during the bachelor party day, from breakfast until the trudge home from the club at 4:00 am. You can round up all the pictures from the day by creating a hashtag and asking everyone to use it. That way, when you want to look at all the pictures, it’s neatly gathered in one place.

An added bonus is the hashtags and archives are there forever, so if you want to look back fondly on the memories in a few years, all you have to do is type in the hashtag and it’ll bring up all the pictures easily.

Know How to Throw a Bachelor Party Successfully

Now that you know how to throw a bachelor party successfully, everyone involved in the wedding will have fun. Or at least the groomsmen will, anyway!

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