How To Use Instagram To Follow Popular Fashion Trends

How To Use Instagram To Follow Popular Fashion Trends

In today’s society, there are many ways that we can use the internet to browse search engines, run our own blogs, and even gamble on online slots. As many of us now spend hours per day online and on social media, there are many ways that we can use it to follow popular online trends on platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. So, how do we find useful information on the latest fashion trends? Many millennials would say they get it from online platforms such as Instagram.

Rather than heading out to buy fashion magazines in stores, we can all easily access free fashion content online instead. With mobiles and tablets, we are able to quickly search for and access online trends in an instant. As well as fashion advice, users can also stay updated with the latest trends in clothes and accessories. That said, how can we keep track of and up to date with the latest Instagram trends?


The best ways to follow fashion trends on the platform

Online trends can change fast and there is no way of knowing what will become fashionable next year or even next week. Head of Fashion at Instagram, Eva Chen, provides some insight into what Instagram will look like in 2020 with authenticity, IRL moments, and mental health, becoming a priority on the platform. Here are just some useful features on the platform that can be useful to help track fashion trends:



Instagram TV, or IGTV, allows you to watch lengthy video content on Instagram. You will find lots of channels on IGTV that specifically speak about fashion and the latest trends in the industry. All you need to do is subscribe and follow those channels and you will get notifications whenever one of the channels uploads a new video.


Those who don’t want to spend time watching short videos can view Instastories of designers and popular influencers in the fashion industry. There are many celebrities, models, and fashion magazines on the platform that you can follow to keep up to date on their latest Instastory updates.


Hashtags have become a popular way to search for content and trends on Instagram. The advantage of using hashtags is you get a variety of options once you search with “#fashiontrends.” Depending on the type of fashion advice you want, you can change your search term to find better results.


Fashion Pages

Fashion magazines are almost a thing of the past now. Instead, people follow the pages of different fashion brands on Instagram. This is a quick way to stay updated with all the latest news and trends from the fashion industry.

Instagram fashion trends to keep an eye on

Over the years, millions of people have joined Instagram. As a visual content platform, there is a big opportunity for users and brands to post images and videos of new seasonal fashion items and products. So, what’s in style right now? Here are just some of the hottest men’s fashion trends right now that are worth checking out on Instagram:

Sling bags

The trend for sling bags or over-the-shoulder bags doesn’t seem to want to slow down. Many of us are tired of carrying big backpacks, so these bags are perfect to fit in just the essentials that you need. They’re both fashionable and practical, making them a popular bag for men to wear right now.

Relaxed denim

The obsession with skinny jeans seems to have died down these days. Instead, one of the hottest trends right now is to wear relaxed jeans that you are able to walk and sit comfortably in.  Relaxed denim seems to be a popular option as they are comfortable and aren’t too tight or hard to button up.

Mixed prints

Right now, Maximalist style is everywhere and is starting to creep in more in men’s fashion. Rather than matching prints, many men are now choosing to go for a bolder mismatched look instead. There are many trendy patterns and prints such as animal print, checks, and geometric patterns that could potentially mix well for an outfit. Protection Status

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