How To Dress To Impress For A Festive Night Out

How To Dress To Impress For A Festive Night Out

During the cold winter months, it’s all too easy to stay indoors and keep warm and cosy. Many of us stay in to binge watch our favourite shows, spend time with our family or play video games. There are even some Christmas-inspired online games to choose from including some winter themed slots. But sometimes we just want to head outside for a night out for some festive fun around Christmas time instead.

Whether you are going out by yourself, with work mates, or with a significant other, there are many ways that you can dress to impress during winter. However, when it comes to fashion trends, it can be quite confusing to decide what to wear for a night out – especially if it’s cold outside! So, if you’re unsure what to wear, here are some great tips that can help you make a fashion statement when you’re heading out this December.

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Going out to dinner

If you’re going out on a date or with your significant other, then there is nothing more appealing than a smart suit. Suits can come in a range of different styles and stylish colours including navy and grey. Instead of dressing too formally, you can always leave your suit jacket at home and opt for a smart blazer or cosy knit jumper.

When it’s cold outside and you’re heading to your dinner reservation, there are still many stylish ways that you can look fashionable while also staying warm. According to GQ Magazine, some of the top AW19 fashion trends for men include oversized trench coats and cosy Harry Potter inspired scarves. Paired with a turtle neck jumper, you will look fabulous on your dinner date.


Going out for drinks

Thinking about heading out for drinks during Christmas and New Year? Whether you are heading out to a nightclub or to your local pub, there are many ways that you can dress to impress on your night out. When you are going out for drinks, no matter who you are with, most occasions tend to be casual dress. A comfy pair of trainers paired with jeans are perfect to wear for a relaxing night at the pub. If you’re heading out to a nightclub instead, then jeans paired with smart shoes or a smart shirt will look great too.

Throughout the year there are also many opportunities to enjoy drinks outside too. There are plenty of fabulous rooftop bars in London that you can enjoy during the hot summer season. However, if you’re having festive Christmas cocktails during December, then wearing a thick overcoat and cosy jumper will help keep you warmer for longer.

Going out to the movies


If you’re heading out to the movies this Christmas, then it’s a chance for you to relax your fashion style a little. What’s better than seeing your fave film release wearing a cosy hoody and joggers? Although you might not be dressed as smart as for other occasions, you can still dress well with casual wear. There are many popular brands that you can style an outfit with including Nike, Adidas, and Converse.

Lounge gear, sling bags, and beanie hats are just some popular items of clothing and accessories that you can wear for a comfortable trip to the cinema. For a smarter look, why not pair a denim jacket with Chelsea boots or Dr Martens with a casual t-shirt? You will not only feel cosy and comfortable in your casual wear but you will also look quite stylish too. Protection Status

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