The modern bow tie only covers the collar and does not need the hectic procedure required to tie the traditional bow tie. The modern bow tie saves time once the user is late since you have to tie a shoelace, and you are good to go. Most bow ties are made from cotton, silk, polyester among others. The ready tied bow tie can be worn by both men and women depending on their careers or fashion. The modern bow tie is adjustable hence can be worn by people of different neck size while the traditional tie comes with fixed length and different neck sizes.

Choose the bow tie to match the occasion

There are different bow ties for various occasions you just have a significant bow tie for a different occasion. For casual occasions, you have the freedom of wearing any bow tie of your choice. For formal occasions, you need official bow tie too i.e. one that is presentable. The official bow tie should be of an even color that is matching with your suit. The traditional bow tie comes with different designs which are black and white stripes, blue and white stripes and checked ones. You can complement a black suit with the traditional bow tie that has black and white stripes.

If wearing a wing collar shirt, you need to tuck the wings behind the bow tie –This is for the modern bow tie and helps to hold the tie in place. It signifies good etiquette and gives you a smart look.

Check the length of the bow tie

Before wearing a bow tie or buying one you are supposed to consider both the length ant the neck size. If it’s a modern bow tie, ensure that the neck is adjustable before buying. For the modern bow tie ensure that the knot falls vertically below the nose or between your eyes. For the traditional bow tie ensure that it is not too long while the knot should also fall below your nose or vertically below the nose.



Pick a style of your bow tie

These modern bow ties comes with different styles whereby there are many varieties that can be worn on casual occasions. Some of the styles include bat wing, butterfly and diamond point. The butterfly and the bat wing are most suitable for casual occasions while the diamond fits for the official occasions.

Choose between adjustable and fixed size bow tie

The fixed size is most recommended for small children since it can stay intact till the end of the occasion. The adjustable bow tie can be worn by different people since it can be adjusted any time and should not be too tight.



Mistakes to avoid while you are wearing a bow tie

Avoid clashing colors and patterns – choose the bow tie that complements your clothes. Men are prone to wearing clashing clothes and ties in case you got the problem seek a designers’ help. A red tie cannot complement a black and white suit.

Avoid accessory overload

For official use it’s advisable to avoid so many accessories on the tie since they send a negative impression to your boss and colleagues. The casual occasions have no rules, but you can try to perfect your look by avoiding too much of accessories, you can put a simple tie pin or clip may be to match your shoe or belt. Accessory overload can cause an impression that you are not serious with life or your career at the work place.


Avoid the wrong tie width

There is skinny and large tie, and the most trending one is the skinny bow tie. You need to match your looks with the tie; your dresses must match with the tie width. The older or individuals with broad bodies look better with the large sized bow tie while the youths and other people of medium sized bodies look great with the skinny tie. The skinny tie can be used for the official or casual occasion while the broad traditional tie suits for official use only.


Bow ties come with different colors that enable you to complement any clothe you wear. During an interview, the tie can make you get or lose the job since it sends some information about you. If you have a problem with matching the colours seek a designers help or an experienced friend to guide you.


By Sophie Addison from