Easy Life Belt By Gipsy And Clown – Kickstarter

Easy Life Belt By Gipsy And Clown – Kickstarter

Conventional Belts Are Uncomfortable

We all love our belts and it is a great fashion accessory to complement your trousers. Belts also have a function of keeping your trousers up. But how many times when wearing a belt do you feel uncomfortable due to it being too tight when you sit down or too loose when you stand up. You continually adjust the belt to stay comfortable or you just take those uncomfortable moments for granted.

The idea of the Easy Life Belt was born one day when Jaka, one of the founders, had a strong feeling that a classic belt limited him in his work and sport activities. Most people sit a lot at work, be it in the car, train or desk at the office. With this in mind he started designing a belt which would solve this and the Easy Life Belt by Gipsy and Clown was created. This belt is unique in that it has a plastic part inserted to give the belt some flexibility. The elastic part is located at the front of the belt, where the physical workload from your body is the largest.

The Easy Life Belt

The Easy Life Belt is a belt that will make our days easier, your activities more fun and your free time more beautiful. It has been designed to be practical but without giving up on style. The belt is developed by Gipsy and Clown, a young couple from Slovenia Europe. Both are educated textile designers, lovers of extreme sports, nature and animals. Janja is a fashion designer and adores sewing and designing of clothes. Jaka is a qualified tailor and already started working in a home workshop at the age of seven. He is also an active snowboarder and motocross rider. Nowadays they are inspired by making stylish street wear products, to make life more beautiful and easy.


After two years of development and testing they are announcing a new unique Easy Life Belt which breathes with the user. The belt automatically adjusts to your activity being it sitting down,  standing up or walking around. There is no need to manually adjust the belt when you switch activities, those uncomfortable tight situations are gone for good.

The Easy Life Belt is made of very durable military cotton webbing, minimal shaped metal buckle, stylish leather label and finally the specially developed durable elastic which is main part of this product. This part in front of the belt is flexible at an specific area which means that it is gently stretched at each body movement. The belt comes in various different colours and sizes from XS to 4XL. It can be ordered with or without print.




To get the Easy Life Belt by Gipsy and Clown of the ground a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been started. With the help of the Kickstarter campaign funds, materials and tools can be sourced to allow a successful launch of this unique product. Donations are as low as $1 for your support, where as higher donations will give you the opportunity to become one of the first owners of a revolutionary Easy Life Belt. Here is a link to their Kickstarter Campaign – EASY LIFE BELT – First belt that breathes with you.


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