In the last part we discussed some of the sartorial options that visually make you memorable to a prospective employer. It’s not all about knowledge and homework for your chosen career although that obviously is important; it’s about looking the part and feeling confident but not cocky, it’s about generating confidence in the Individual or panel making them want you. You have to be a visual asset as well as a mental one, because no matter how you look to and from work and of course during it, you are representing the company and you are a reflection of that company.

We already discussed how wearing a sensible suit in traditional colors of dark blue or grey and of course a crisp white shirt teamed with a suit matched tie and pocket square will give you the look ‘They’ want. If you do consider throwing caution to the wind, you could try a strip and gingham appearance but never risk mixing more than two patterns at a time, after all, you don’t want to look like a kaleidoscope in waiting! Now let’s get down to hopefully your business with a few potential career fashion scenarios.

Creatively Speaking

For those of us blessed with the unfathomable yearning to work in this weird, often occupationally precarious and vague industry, the upside can be a greater breath of individual expression especially if looking for consultancy work in the ‘creative arts’ and ‘media’. The industry thrives on enthusiasm, long days, tight deadlines and punching above its perceived weight rather than punching in on the clock in an office or factory floor.

Although considered flexible employment by some that doesn’t mean you should come into work in a clown suit rather than a tailored one. You must remember that clients and internal seniors may be dropping by so play by the unwritten rulebook there and think smart.

This could be an unstructured suit teamed with a bold colored shirt from Henley and then adding a smart twist with casual loafers for instance. Never forget the old favorite of chinos and blazer too, dressed down with the rebellious denim and textured tie; you’ll look smart and semi corporate while paying homage to the boardroom during that PowerPoint presentation at the V & A.

Part Time – Love It

Everyone has to start somewhere and everyone has to subject him or herself to the interview process no matter how lowly, enjoyable or gut wrenching the task you seek to establish yourself in as a career. You’ve bombarded the potential employer with C.V.’s and now you have decided to visit in person hoping to get a foothold by pressing the flesh with the local manager. Look as top notch as if you are actually being interviewed for a post .Do your research on the company and quite literally tailor your dress sense to the corporate style by some stealthy internet research without too much (if any) hanging around their car park! Your clothing should reflect the perceived company ethic and if you are casually handing over a c.v. In person dress the part; you want them to remember you.

Rome On The Range

Whatever the outcome while seeking employment, stay positive, I know its hard and I’ve been their too with a million other folks looking to make a crust .If you’re starting at the bottom or coming in at senior or middle management, Rome wasn’t built in a day .Use every network and job seeking contact you have and make a few new ones along the way by speculative contacts, but above all whatever the experiences ahead dress smart, be groomed and be polite. Good luck and see you on that greasy pole.