The Ideal Everyday Sneaker – ROOY Inc

The Ideal Everyday Sneaker – ROOY Inc

A Casual & Luxurious Must-Have Sneaker

A great everyday shoe is hard to come by: some are too casual for the office and others are too formal for the pub. It is difficult to find a pair suitable for both daytime and nightlife. So what makes a well-balanced shoe appropriate for daily wear? There are three important things to check off: shape, material, and colours.

  • Shape: The shape of a shoe conveys the tone. A low-top shoe says fitting for business casual while a high-top is more post-work and weekend warrior wear.
  • Material: Leather stands at the top of the list while canvas and mesh trail behind in terms of looks and ease of matching.
  • Colour: The saying “black is the new black” is always something to keep in mind. Black, white and neutrals are an easy breeze to match while colors take more time and consideration.

The Ideal Everyday Sneaker

ROOY Inc. has created the perfect everyday shoe with Song Seung Heon, one of Korea’s hottest drama actor, that fits the whole bill. Completely suitable for the everyday man, the new ‘Cosmic’ sneakers feature all of the necessary elements to make it a Fall/Winter must-have. Designed in Paris by footwear designer, Arsen Rock, the premium sneakers give off the European street style look–casual yet very put together. Featuring full-grain leather with glossy leather highlights, the shoe stands out without being distracting.

Comfort and durability ranked high next to design in terms of importance for this cosmopolitan star. Needing a pair of go-to shoes to go with his movie star lifestyle, the sneakers are equipped with padded collars and tongues for ultimate comfort. On top of that, the stitched rubber outsoles are made to outlast the elements. The Cosmic comes in two styles–high and low tops–and two colour palettes–black and brown or white and taupe–which makes 4 different shoes with 4 different impressions. Pre-orders start at $249 and are scheduled to be delivered by 15 December 2014, just in time for the winter holidays.

10% Discount For MenStyleFashion Readers

MenStyleFashion readers can enjoy a 10% discount by entering the code “ROOY_MSF10” at checkout.  2014, just in time for the winter holidays.

If you are in the market for a pair of go-to sneakers like Song Seung Heon, than look no further than the Cosmic. The luxurious leather sneakers will take you from your 9-to-5 and well into happy hour or date night; the perfect sneaker for just about any occasion.
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