In the USA, a lot of corporate operations have been shifted entirely or partially online. Meetings, hiring, marketing, supply chain management, and sales. It would appear that the direct attendance of each participant in one physical location, for example in the United States is required for a business meeting. But owing to current technology, it is now feasible to hold online meetings with video conferencing tools for companies.

An online meeting is a gathering of employees of a company or organization that takes place online on a video conferencing platform with a chat for business, good volume, and noise suppression to join the room. Participants from the U.S.A or anywhere in the world can discuss ongoing work, see papers and presentations, and share solutions to issues during online communication.

Why Is iMind Conferencing Superior to Other Platforms?

You may call, talk, display presentations and videos, and share the screen with others with A variety of online activities, picture shows, and meeting recordings are all possible. It’s incredibly helpful to have the option to talk and at the same time upload the recorded show to YouTube.

Both the picture and the audio have good transmission quality. Developers set up a vast worldwide network of servers and data centers to make sure the platform runs reliably, without hitches and delays.

Main Features of iMind

What do you get working with iMind?

Screen Sharing

Express your thoughts while showing your computer screen to the participants – it will be much more effective.

Video conferencing

No problem if you need to broadcast in a conference format.

Excellent recording quality

You have the option of recording your live broadcast in SD, HD, or Full HD. In this post, we go into further detail regarding the specifics of recording webinars.

Getting comments

You may communicate with one another using the platform’s built-in text chat while replying right away to various pieces of information.

List of Advantages and Disadvantages of iMind Conferencing Platform

Check out all available offers and decide which platform suits your needs. You must determine what matters to you. Let’s look at the key benefits and drawbacks of using iMind.

Information access and interaction

Today, several companies collaborate on projects from locations dispersed throughout the globe. The use of video conferencing technologies like remote control, screen sharing, and board annotation may undoubtedly help with project collaboration.

Here, you have access to high video quality with varies from SD to HD. This is fully enough for the greatest communication possibilities all around the globe. This is a huge advantage as video connection is one of the main factors in video conferencing.

Cons: the monthly rate can be quite high

You may feel that the payment is rather high, however, in comparison to other platforms and the quality of the iMind platform – it is average.

Features of iMind Plans

There are four plans on iMind platform to choose from. Let’s look at the feature and function set they offer.

All four plans, including a free one, offer 24 hours of personal meetings, 24 hours of group meetings, a max of 100 participants at the same time, and an unlimited number of meetings.

If you need more, then pay attention to the upgraded packages with include:

  • multiple rooms;
  • personal subdomain;
  • personal support account;
  • cloud storage;
  • priority 24/7 support, etc.

Customers’ Reviews About

Follow the link to read tons of iMind reviews online and check whether you should use it.

The last thing every user wants to do when planning virtual events is to move from one platform to another to perform different tasks. This is not only confusing but also time-consuming. It is best to have one universal site that will allow you to do everything you need in one software package.