The Best Free Video Converter 2019

The Best Free Video Converter 2019

Which is the best free video converter to use?  By asking this question means that you have found various free video converter online but you are not sure on which one to settle for. As a matter of facts, there a lot of free video converters available in the market that you may find appealing but they are not actually free.

In some cases, some of the free video converters could be free but they have limited media converter functionalities.  We understand how hard it is to making choices on the best free video converter 2019 hence in this article we will introduce you to the ideal free video converter to use.


Wondershare released a Real free video converter

As we had mentioned earlier, you will find video converters but they are not actually free that is quite disappointing if you have installed it on your computer.  The good news is that there is actually a real video converter that has been released by Wondershare. Wondershare Free Video Converter is a robust video converter that is compatible with both Mac and Windows platform.

What are the benefits of using Wondershare Free Video Converter?

For starters, this free video converter allows you to batch convert videos to audio formats as well as input videos and convert to different video formats. The batch conversion makes your productivity high since you can handle many files at once. Moreover, this free video converter has fast conversion speed compared to other video converters. In fact, its premium version is built with GPU acceleration to enhance the conversion speed. Furthermore, another outstanding feature about Wondershare Free converter software is the ability to support over 1000 file formats that for the input and output formats. Learn how to MOV to WMV.

To add on, this software also supports over 10,000 sharing sites when you are using its premium service.  When it comes to download speed, its accelerator can download files three times faster than other free video converters. It is also worth to mention that, it is built with a real-time preview function that allows you to view change in real time as you edit your files.

Function of Wondershare Free Video Converter

Looking at the benefit of Wondershare Free Video Converter it surely stands out as the perfect video converter that you need to install on your Windows or Mac computer.  At this point we can now look at the functions powered to this software that you can get the freely

  • Video Converter: It can convert videos to different output formats like MP4, MOV, FLV, VOB, ASF and WKV just to mention a few.
  • DVD Converter: Unlike other free video converters, Wondershare Free Video Converter allows you to convert video to DVD as well as convert DVD to other standard and HD formats easily.
  • Audio Converter: With Wondershare Free Converter you can convert videos to MP3 format, download videos online to MP3 format and also convert other audio formats to MP3 formats without hassle.
  • Inbuilt Screen Recorder: Its screen recorder not only allows you to record desktop activities but also record files from the supported sharing sites such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Hulu and much more. The voice quality of the recording is high as well as that of the videos.
  • Online Downloader: This free video converter is also built with an online downloader that supports batch download of files online and save them audio or video format.
  • Playlist Downloader: With this free video converter you will be able to download playlists from your favourite sites like YouTube and Linda and save them in MP4 or MP3 format within a click.
  • Useful Editor: Its lightweight video editor allows you to perform basic editing to videos such as rotate, trim, crop, split, zoom and merge videos. Other than that, you can beauty your videos by adding effects and filters that comes with this editor freely. You can also personalize your videos by adding watermarks available on this software.
  • Powerful Video Transfer Tool: This software makes it possible to transfer videos and audio to your Android and iOS devices of different brands.
  • DVD Burner: It also comes with robust DVD burner that burns videos in different formats to ISO, DVD, and DVD Folder in high quality. On the other hand, it can also burn videos to Blu-Ray disc and Blu Ray DVD folder besides having a customized DVD template.
  • GIF Maker: Today, the GIFs are the in thing and this software allows you to create personalized GIFs that you can share online.
  • A great metadata Editor: Wondershare Free Video Converter enables you to modify metadata of your videos easily. This functionality is available on the program Toolbox icon.


As you can see Wondershare Free Video Converter is one stop shop for all your video conversion. You can upload videos, edit, convert, burn and transfer them freely to your mobile devices. It is also speedy hence increasing your productivity. If you love efficiency and reliability then go for this free video converter. Protection Status

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