Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam – Quirky Hotel Close To Amsterdam

Inntel Hotels Amsterdam Zaandam – Quirky Hotel Close To Amsterdam

This has to be on a visual front a very interesting building which is situated only a 15 min train ride from Amsterdam and Schiphol airport and also 15 minutes to Amsterdam Central station. The structure is a lively stacking of various examples of the traditional houses to be found in the Zaan region. This colorful quirky hotel offers a nice modern stay right in the modern heart of Zaandam. If you’re familiar with Holland and are looking for a quirky stay then this is your hotel. Even if you’re just stopping over for 24 hours and need a place to rest your head, then this hotel certainly offers you a unique place to rest.

There were plenty of shops to explore here as the hotel was right in the city centre. There was a cinema close by too and allowed to watch the latest Jason Bourne movie. The best of all was that this hotel is only a two minute walk away from the railway station with easy access to the airport.

For those that want to experience something different than Amsterdam I recommend a visit to the Zaanse Schans. This is an area not far from Zaandam where you can find traditional houses (same style as the hotel facade), windmills and craft work.

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Zaanse Schans


The reception was modern and the natural lighting gave this space a nice open feel. This 4 star hotel had a very relax feel to it and it was very clean and pleasing to the eye. The interiors of the hotel rooms also reflect the rich history of the Zaan area: the traditional products, the pioneers of the local craft industries and the families which made the area world famous.


Factory Design Room

I was given the Factory Design Room which overlooked the city and the views were really nice. This area was so colourful and pleasing to the eye. The Factory Design Room room let me admire the historic panorama pictures of factories along the Saen waterfront and discover where its history started. But it also allowed me to completely relax in modern day luxury. The bed was comfortable and the room had plenty of natural light. It was a clean room that allowed me to rest and gave me a feel of how the local history was. I liked the green chair in the room, it was comfortable to sit on. The layout was odd but they made the space as practical as can be. No coffee machine here which was good this time as it forced me out of the room to go and have a coffee and explore the area.

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Maybe it had to do with the way the building has been constructed but the bedroom space in comparison to the bathroom made no sense to me. The bathroom is massive, there was so much space I had to laugh. But it was clean, simple modern, but nothing outstanding here. It seemed odd when there was so much space that the bath was quiet narrow.


The indoor pool had a lot of light and it was nice to overlook the city. The many windows made it a real relaxing swim. The steam and sauna room were clean and modern, just make sure you give yourself time. There was a push button to activate the heat and this took time to get things steamy if you get my drift.



Breakfast was served in lovely setting overlooking a man made waterfall on the outside, it was a great way to start my day. It was nice to see the locals heading to work as the station is a stones throw away. The food was more than enough to get my day started.

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This hotel from the outside was very different and such a fun building. The rooms were clean, fun and the natural lighting was what I loved about this hotel. The location was great for those looking to stay whether it is for business or leisure, with railway access super close by. When the weather is permitting which in my case it was there is a nice outdoor seating area. The most exciting experience about this hotel is the building itself it was very different indeed and showcases well the local architecture of the Zaan region.

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