My Instant KnockOut Review

My Instant KnockOut Review

How things shape up

Losing weight and toning up really is the best ego boost. Clothes fit better, you turn more heads and feel like a better, more confident version of yourself.

Making it happen however can be a whole other story. Sticking to a strict diet and workout regimen can be difficult, and it can be even harder to manage around a busy lifestyle.

To combat this, more guys are turning to fat burners – natural supplements that promote fat loss and burn more calories, by promoting internal processes in the body, to help lose weight. This helps them get the results they want while still keeping their work and social lives in tact.

Why Fat Burners?

Due to special natural ingredients, fat burners are one of the fastest ways to bring out a six pack. They help cut down on body fat while maintaining your muscle mass – and are the best supplements to keep you looking both strong and shredded.

Gym sessions are improved by energy boosting nutrients that keep you stronger for longer, and some even contain appetite suppressants that promote a feeling of fullness to keep you on track with your diet.

Finding a supplement that ticks all of those boxes was a hard job, but the best I’ve seen so far has got to be Instant Knockout ( from Roar Ambition, it is the fat burner you need for the shredded results you want.


Why Instant Knockout?

Made by Roar Ambition, Instant Knockout has been reviewed by some of the top supplement review websites as the best on the market. It is currently blowing up on social media with numerous men and women touting it’s effectiveness via Twitter and Instagram.

Originally formulated for pro boxers and MMA fighters to reach their weight class before a fight. This supplement allows them to shred fat, drop pounds and inevitably, surprise their opponent when fight night comes. Due to its success, the fat burner was fully released to the public, where it’s popularity has continued to rapidly grow.

It is currently being used by people of all fitness levels to get that extra edge on their fat loss without losing their muscle tone in the process.

Roar Ambition are also behind the highly rated testosterone booster TestoFuel, which I have also reviewed. They regularly update the formulas on both supplements to ensure they are using the latest proven ingredients.


Why it works

Instant Knockout contains 10 clinically proven ingredients that work together for a fat burning experience that functions on multiple levels. It is both an appetite suppressant and thermogenic that also promotes energy and metabolism.

One of the highlights of this supplement is that there are 4 doses a day. This allows the body to keep burning fat all day, and turns you into a round the clock fat burning machine.

What people are saying

Some of the results people have seen taking this supplement is definitely interesting as well. Guys and girls have made entire body transformations in a matter of months, just look at the progress on this guy, Jeremy:


He’s a lot more sculpted and his abs seem to pop out of nowhere. You’re going to want to hear what he had to say about it:

You can see more testimonials and reviews on Youtube and on their



As we’ve said, all the ingredients in this product have been proven in one way or another to guarantee fat loss and help tone up your figure. These are how some of the major ingredients involved achieve that.

Green Tea

No doubt about it, Green Tea is a thermogenic powerhouse. Although this caffeinated herb provides, boosts in both energy levels and metabolism, it’s the catechins in the tea that make this natural nutrient stand out. These catechins inhibit the body’s suppressant of the fat burning hormone norepinephrine-allowing it to burn more fat throughout the body.

Cayenne Pepper

This hot chili is an essential if you’re looking for fast weight loss in record time. The capsicum inherent to this chili is what gives it that ‘heat’ and also what raises our body core temperature enough to create thermogenesis – which would start a constant burn of calories as the body regulates itself. The capsicum which increases the amount of calories you can consume, reduces fat stores, and has even been shown to reduce the feeling of hunger!

Caffeine Anhydrous

A great energy booster and helps speed up metabolism. Increasing wakefulness in the brain, it allows the user to stay more alert for longer. This is particularly useful in fat burners as it allows you to stay focused while on demanding low calorie diets. Another useful fact about caffeine is that it is clinically proven to improve power output and can really help towards your training. Caffeine also works brilliantly with Green Tea.


One of the top clinically proven natural compounds for appetite suppression. Glucomannan is derived from the root of the Konjac plant and swells in the stomach which increases an overall feeling of fullness. This will keep you on track with stringent diets and prevent caving into snacking between meals. It’s great for those on strict diet plans.

Green Coffee Bean

You’ve probably heard about green coffee bean extract as it rises in popularity among athletes. An unroasted version of the coffee we use, containing no caffeine, this bean helps us burn fat a different way. The chlorogenic acid in this Green Coffee Bean helps with the breakdown of glucose in the liver. Without this, the body turns to fat as a new resource for energy, giving us a thermogenic boost while reducing body fat percentage.


Primarily a metabolic booster, those with low levels of zinc in their bodies have been seen to suffer with a lower metabolism and are more likely to gain fat. It helps with the processing of fats, carbs and proteins and can even in some cases help improve mood.

Instant Knockout Side Effects

Fat burners and diet pills have been given a bad rep over the last few years, however this is down to the people taking too much of poor quality products from less regulated countries.

Instant Knockout isn’t like that as it uses only the best natural ingredients, the supplement itself is harmless and produced in cGMP approved facilities in the USA and UK. However, due to the caffeine content I would advise having your last capsule at least 5 hours before you got to bed as it could give you trouble sleeping.

Where to buy

Unlike most supplement companies, you won’t Instant Knockout on the high street, it can only be bought on their website: – but don’t worry – they provide fast shipping worldwide from both the USA and the UK and offer discounts on multi-box purchases.

My Final Thoughts

Compared to other fat burners on the market, Instant Knockout is really something when it comes to stripping fat.

The ingredients have evidence to back them up and it’s completely natural and safe to take. That’s always one of my concerns when buying a product like this. The customer reviews and videos on Youtube are all positive. Some people are getting amazing fat loss results with it.

I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to lose fat. But remember that it’s designed to speed up results, you still have to do the workout and dieting.

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