James Dean – Our Style Icon Obessession

James Dean – Our Style Icon Obessession

James Dean- Style Icon Leather Jacket & T- Shirt

James Dean

James Dean was an actor, man of few words, a sex symbol and a style icon. No matter who you speak to he had a mysticisms about him that we find endearing so many years later. No denying he was a style icon and one we all write about as fashion experts. So what is going to be different regarding this article? Well It’s an encouragement that you can be inspired by James Dean look and character. But to understand that one should never adopt another man’s wardrobe. But to be encouraged that the classic Denim or T-shirt design can linger on for many years to come.

James Sexual History

James sexual history is still a mystery. I’m not sure why everyone is so obsessed about this? But I figure it maybe to do with trying to work out was he a lover of men and women. But one thing is obvious everybody wanted to be in a relationship with him or be the man himself. I guess we wanted to have a connection in one way or another. That’s why we talk about style icons on a fashion magazine. It’s the style we want to adopt and somewhat impersonate.

He was first in a 1950 Pepsi commercial but five years down the line he starred in Elia Kazan’s East of Eden as outcast Cal Trask. He also starred in Rebel Without a Cause and garnered international recognition as Jim Stark in the movie. In his style, which may seem mainstream today but back then was new compared to the dominating preppy style from the middle of the century. In terms of both formal and casual (though mainly casual) James Dean has left a style wardrobe legacy which every man can be inspired by.

Dean What’s His Style?

Though more known for his causal style he did have a few more formal pieces in his style repertoire such as the shawl collar dinner jacket.  He was incorporating grey wool trousers in casual wear long before it was deemed fashionable. I believe this would have developed more and more if he lived longer. As you know fashion evolves just like you, it takes maturing and timing.

He wore a white T-shirt paired with worn jeans and a black leather jacket and complimented by hair which was slicked-back. He often had the iconic fashion accessory of a cigarette in his mouth. This wasn’t just how he dressed for his career. This was his daily style. Dean was one of the first male actors who gained lots of attention from men and women. He oozed sexuality and his clothes added and complimented this to perfection. Dean also made the vest popular when he played the part of a Texas oil tycoon in the movie Giant  which was released after his death.

His style was effortlessness. He didn’t bother with superfluous pieces. His looks were mostly minimalistic. He didn’t accessorize with a cravat for example. He wasn’t a dedicated follower of fashion. He didn’t often go by the trend of the 50s of the turned up Jean or what we call cuffed trouser look.

Men Style Cars

He loved cars and motorbikes and bought a Porsche 356 Speedster. He was very conscious of his image when driving these machines. He understood very well that when it came to fashion image that a man’s hobbies are genetically linked. It’s who James Dean was. His love for cars and motors is what defined him. He set the race that fashion and style when it comes to driving let alone riding can never be separated. So much so the very hobbie he loved came at a very high price. He traded his Porsche 356 Speedster for the 550 Spyder model. He raced his fast cars and this was the cause of his death at age 24 in 1955. May he rest in peace.

James Dean- Style Icon Leather Jacket & T- Shirt Pier Angeli & James DeanJames Dean drinking lots of milkJames Dean- Style Icon Leather Jacket & T- Shirt motorbikeJames Dean- Style Icon Leather Jacket & T- Shirt James Dean- Style Icon Leather Jacket & T- Shirt

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