When it comes to your Winter wardrobe, there’s a lot of differences that need to be made from your Summer staples, especially when it comes to denim. Put away those cut off denim shorts and light washed blues and instead, switch them out for something with a darker colour palette, a more classic fit and a timeless approach, perfect for the colder months. With many years of denim expertise under my belt, I’ve personally rounded up 5 of the best jean styles that every man needs to be owning this Wintertime to make sure he’s on trend and stylish.

The Black Skinny Jean

The black skinny jean is the ultimate classic when it comes to denim choices. Not only is black one of the most versatile colours there is, but it will smarten up your look without fail. These colder months mean you might want to be seen sporting your favourite pea coat or a classic leather jacket, so teaming these pieces with some black skinny jeans will definitely get you in the good books of style. You want to make sure they fit you nice and slim and aren’t ill fitting in any way as this can have the opposite effect if they are sloppy. A nice slim skinny fit is ideal for black. You can either choose a washed out black for a more casual vibe or you can go for a clean, pitch black to keep things tailored. Either way, the black skinny jean is the ultimate jean for Winter.


The Biker Jean

Biker jeans are not for everyone, but for those of you who want to have some fun with your denim and love the idea of giving your look a tougher edge, I definitely recommend them. Men with their own unique sense of style like Russell Brand and Justin Theroux absolutely love biker jeans, regularly opting for the ultimate coveted Balmain Biker Jeans, so if you love that type of vibe, you will adore the moto trend. I find these often work best in black washes for the Winter and light blues for the Summer, but you can be daring and mix it up. The best thing about biker jeans though is that the extra padding and quilting will work to keep you warm as well, so that’s an added bonus!

balmian-biker-jeans biker-jean

The Slim Fitting Indigo Jean

Those of you who are already a denim fan might keep the Winter time for your raw denim jeans, which is great because they are the perfect shade of indigo to begin with. The slim fit helps you break them in nicely and it adds to the slimness of your legs, which doesn’t overwhelm your frame. Not everyone loves raw denim though due to the fact that you can’t wash them for up to 6 months, however that’s fine, just opt for a regular washed indigo slim fitting jean. These can be found absolutely everywhere as the indigo wash is the ultimate classic in denim. They will go with almost every single thing you own and because it’s Winter, with your layering, the slim fit helps keep your body proportionate. You can’t go wrong with an indigo wash, these are a must have for all year around too.


The Jogg Jean

As the times have changed and we have got more and more used to stretchy and comfortable jeans and clothing, we have drifted away from the stiffer, more restricting pairs. With this in mind, for those of you who love the feel of jogging bottoms/sweat pants because you can move around so freely in them, but really want to wear jeans, the Jogg Jean might be the perfect hybrid for you. It’s one of Diesel’s technologies mixing sweat pant jersey with denim and they are one of the most comfortable jeans around. You can dance and exercise in them, just like you can with a pair of joggers, but they look like jeans so you can dress them up. These are definitely jeans you don’t want to be without if you value comfort! Every guy I know that’s tried these always ends up buying multiple pairs.


The Tapered Skinny Jean

You might be wondering what the difference is between a tapered skinny jean and a regular one, so let me tell you first. A tapered skinny is a pair of jeans with looser fitting thighs and more room in the crotch area, but with a skinny ankle, which is perfect for tucking into your boots. I always recommend a pair of jeans like this for men during the Wintertime because they are ideal for comfort and moving around freely without restriction, but the skinny ankle means you can keep warm by wearing your new leather boots that you might have just purchased. The wash on these styles is personal preference, but I find a lighter to mid dark blue works the best as they are more of a casual jean. I don’t recommend you buy them extremely loose either, a slimmer fit is always sharper. But they will definitely help you out when it comes to needing jeans for your boots and not wanting to go super skinny.