Royal Ascot – Gentlemen, What To Wear At The Races?

Royal Ascot – Gentlemen, What To Wear At The Races?

Hats as shown at Royal Ascot

Men are you ready for the races? Here a is quick guideline in what you should wear this week at the Royal Ascot. Us women love men in suits. The British flag vests are a nice touch for this year. We love when you take a great deal of care and thought in getting the look.

Royal Ascot – Men’s Dressing Guidelines

  1. Men entering the enclosure, the approved palette includes grey or black only. Accents of colour on ties and waistcoats are permitted — opt for playful shades of pale pink or sky blue — but cravats in any shade are a no-go.
  2. A gentleman may remove his top hat within a restaurant, private box, or within any enclosed seating area, suggests the new Style Guide, but the hat must be worn at all other occasions. The customisation of top hats (we dread to think) is also strictly forbidden.
  3. Men should wear classic brogues or lace-ups in black — choose anything else (trainers, flip-flops) and you’ll be shown the door.
Courtsey of Royal Ascot rules and regulations
Royal Ascot fashion police 2013
Royal Ascot fashion police ask a man to remove his cravat before going on to the course yesterday.

pink top hat - royal ascot

Great hat

mens hat,royal ascot 2012

Royal Ascot 2013 loving the vests

Top Hat with cherries and spoons

Be playful with your hat

Top hat to wear at royal ascot

Be stylish with your hat

Exquisite hats shown at Royal Ascot

You can never be too eccentric with your hat

fred mens hat,royal ascot

The master of the top hat

Charles Tyrwhitt

Nice look for Royal Ascot

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