Jigsaw Men – The Spitalfields Staff Dressing In Style For 2012

Jigsaw Men – The Spitalfields Staff Dressing In Style For 2012

Jigsaw Men

In entering Jigsaw men’s store in Spitalfields I was greeted by the fabulous looking Marco. His instant confidence with customers was a hit with me. However, what was as appealing was his sense of style. Marco is wearing the current summer collection teamed with his own Gucci brown shoes.

His choice of colour and design that being the Japanese Gingham check shirt was perfect for his skin tone. His favourite winter jacket choice just completed his look. The navy blue jacket is a hit amongst the Jigsaw luxurious outerwear pieces. It boasts a sharp cut and is made from top quality fabrics. This jacket is very versatile and with his current wardrobe and the weather right now, it’s certainly a winner for this up and coming season.

The men’s 2012 winter collection is hitting the stores this week. Jigsaw’s collection is based around most men’s favourite wardrobe pieces. So be inspired and go check it out.

jigsaw-men collections 2012

Marco wearing the current Jigsaw collection. His shirt is men’s Japanese Gingham check shirt


Marco wearing the autumn /winter blue blazer 2012. Love how he is wearing the collar

jigsaw-men, 2012 collection wearing loafers

Current staff member at Jigsaw men’s store at Spitalfields, loving the look.

jigsaw mens 2012 collection


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