Polka Dots for Men – Great Jean Jacket with Dots

Polka Dots for Men – Great Jean Jacket with Dots


Polka Dots for Men – Can you wear it?

Can men wear Polka Dots? In a nut shell you bet men can. If your not sure just head to Topman and nab this bargain at £10. Wait to you try in it on. My friend in shear fashion terror, tried it on and he could not believe how cool it looked.

This jacket is a perfect introduction to polka-dot fashion for men and it’s not too over powering. The cut is perfect, the length is flattering and the combination of the dark denim and light white tiny polka dots just looked great. In fact the jacket also can be worn on the larger size women.

Right now the Polka-dot spell is here. On the high streets right now you can spot mini spots, massive spots and mix’n match polka prints every where.

How to wear a Denim Jacket?

Never wear jeans with jeans. Go for a non print t-shirt underneath. Chino’s are the way forward, skinny trousers or neutral pair of  shorts. It is the perfect jacket for the London weather right now. You can never own too many jean jackets. At this price what are you waiting for?



Topman Design indigo denim jacket with white polka dot print and single pocket detail. 100% Cotton. Machine washable.


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