Jimmy Choo OBE – An Evening With Shoes

Jimmy Choo OBE – An Evening With Shoes

Working for the amazing Menstylefashion is always a privilege and on this particular evening, it was an immense privilege. When you get a call from your CEO and founder of MenStyleFashion, the eccentric Gracie Opulanza, saying you need to step in for her because she’s still in the Far East on an assignment you say!

When she says it’s with Jimmy Choo one just teleports. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, so the saying goes. I suppose when looking at such beautiful things it seems to be true. Having said that it would be great to meet the creator of such pieces.

Jimmy Choo OBE - An Evening With Shoes

Jimmy Choo has to be creating the equivalent of diamonds in the elegant form of a shoe. His craft, eye and expertise are ignited by his passion and love for his work. Dare I call it work, as his levels of enjoyment never seem to diminish.

The artist, shoemaker extraordinaire is embarking on a new venture with his incredibly talented and intelligent son. We met in the West End in a wonderful Chinese restaurant. Being one of the first of the invited guests to arrive gave me an opportunity to have an exciting conversation about the art of shoemaking and the way he develops his ideas.

The Art Of Shoe Making

The first thing that struck me was how much he worked and created in the London Borough of Hackney, a place close to my heart as I spent many years being creative in that area.

Jimmy Choo’s father was a shoemaker, here is a man who really did follow in his father’s footsteps. His poise and calm is therapeutic and inspirational. He is an artist, a creator a person whose love for his craft is etched in the detail and styling of his shoes.

Here is a man who worked in and out of college, funding himself, drive is an understatement of his attitude. He cultivated a work ethic that demands praise and is the bedrock of his philosophy for working hard, smart and consistently. A man (or woman) in love with his craft bestows this as a gift through his creations.

I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of women who love his shoes, from those who wear the high-end pairs to those who have the special pair in a secure space in a wardrobe, ready to wear for a special occasion. The number of brides to be I have also had fashion discussions with coo at the prospect of owning a pair of Jimmy Choo’s shoes.

Jimmy Choo OBE - An Evening With Shoes

Jimmy Choo

Men Know Your Female’s Shoe Size

Men, yes you, you too need to know and love your women’s shoe size and colour scheme. A pair of Jimmy Choo’s, a bit like a good meal for a man, is a wonderful way to a woman’s heart. If not stating you take her fashion and style sense very seriously.

Meeting some of the family was also more than a privilege, his wife, his son who is working in collaboration with. Just like his father, his son shares a passion for beautiful forms and designs. Our conversations were as delicious as the food that was served.

I stagger out of the restaurant stuffed and intoxicated by passionate (oh my goodness I am in danger of over using this word) food, art and design conversations with a tantalizing sprinkling of images of Jimmy Choo’s shoes and his son’s jewellery.

Spoilt on every level and in need to spread the love, joy and artistry of the man who makes women’s and men’s heart skip a beat and beat with joy. Jimmy Choo, thank you.

Jimmy Choo OBE - An Evening With Shoes

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