Kanye West – Tips On How To Be A Designer

Kanye West – Tips On How To Be A Designer


Kanye West

Kanye West has a cold, and at the moment, there is no dosage of Theraflu potent enough to alleviate it. It’s no secret that Kanye has dominated the music scene for the last decade, and despite his sometimes repellent personality, not many would disagree with the claim that the Chicago native is a creative genius. But the musical landscape is temporarily too cramped for Kanye, and now he has his sights set on the fashion world.

“Eve made Adam bite the apple, and ever since then it’s been illegal to be naked. I’m just trying to help people with their opinion on the law. I’ve had some clothing mishaps, I’ve had some clothing triumphs…but I know I’m the next Ralph to say the least.”

The Self-Proclaimed God

The self-proclaimed God has been on a media tirade as of late, mainly targeting his failed relationship with Nike Inc. At the time Nike announced their plans to release a Kanye West designed sneaker, the report made headlines as the first time the company had given a full endorsement-deal to a non-athlete. To the many of all, Kanye’s first sneaker design, the “Air Yeezy,” captured the hearts of sneaker-heads across the nation. The shoe line quickly became a phenomenon, with high-profile celebrities and even CEOs sporting the kicks. Kanye even received kudos from the likes of fashion pioneers like Marc Jacobs on his captivating design. To get a pair of the original Yeezys now, one must be willing to part with their freedom, their soul, and about $4,000 <em>if you’re lucky</em>. The release of the second installment to the line, The Air Yeezy 2s, only magnified in 2012 when they were released. Not since Tinker Hatfield revolutionized the world of sneakers with his timeless designs had Nike witnessed such anticipation, leading to West’s bragging on the track “New God Flow”: “I ain’t tryin’ to stunt man/ But the Yeezys did jump over the Jumpman.”


But all good things must come to an end. According to West, the company was less than cooperative in Kanye’s creative pursuits throughout the duration of their partnership. Given the overwhelming success of Kanye’s contributions to Nike, it’s bizarre that the company was not more eager to produce more of Kanye’s designs. For many people, the biggest calamity of 2013 revolved around the failure of Nike to release the long anticipated red colorway of the Yeezy 2 shoes, commonly known as the Red Octobers. The hunt for Red October seemed to have come to an end when Footlocker tweeted that the company would be selling the shoes online during the morning of December 27th, only to backtrack on that statement hours later.

Nike Air Yeezy

West has pulled an immaculate feat by amassing even more attention to his name in 2013, and this has a lot to do with his polarizing album, <em>Yeezus</em>. The album is by-far his most daring, and in his assessment, is his duo tape for his eventual non-musical pursuits, like fashion. According to Kanye, he is fed up with fans and industry executives attempting to lock him in a creative cage as a music star. In Kanye’s mind, he is an artist that transcends mere genres, and currently, he is focused on taking the fashion world by storm. Like his music, Kanye is genuinely aspiring to be the synonymous with ground-breaking art, which is why he is attempting to propel his name to the heights of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein in terms of fashion excellence. A lot of buzz based around Kanye’s fashion decisions are not new. Kanye made headlines when he released a limited run of plain white T-shirts made out of Egyptian cotton for $120.

Kanye West- T-Shirt

Oh, and did I mention, those white T-shirts sold out almost immediately. Clearly, there is a demand not only for Kanye music but Kanye clothing as well. Kanye has now linked a deal with Adidas, and it remains to be seen whether Nike will ever officially release The Red Octobers now that their partnership no longer exists. Even though Kanye sometimes let’s his passion overcloud his judgement as it pertains to public relations, it will be interesting to see what Kanye will accomplish in the fashion world in the coming years.

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