David Gandy – Get The Modern Gandy Look

David Gandy – Get The Modern Gandy Look

David Gandy - Reiss Three Peice Suit

David Gandy

Over the course of the last few days, I’ve had the traumatic pleasure of observing and interacting with one of the most powerful male models in the fashion industry. His name was David Gandy. What does he look like close up? How blue are those eyes? How well defined are those abs? How approachable is he? How does one man maintain a balanced mind when every women, man and if possible dog, wants their shot taken with David Gandy. Very simple, he knows how to professionally interact with people. He is very aware of when the camera is on him at every single angle. In asking him how on earth do you handle all those cameras, he says in his own words, “it’s my job”.

Modern Gandy Look by Reiss

When you’ve got two very powerful people in Britain wearing your label such as Kate Middleton and David Gandy. Then it’s clear that Reiss has positioned itself as one of the power house labels on the high street for both men and women. When it comes to suits, it has created affordable fashion for men with the aim to bring back the three piece suit in a modern way through Mr Gandy. Yes gentlemen that three piece suit attire has been well and truly over due for a long time. In close range the suit looks amazing with the colour blue as gorgeous as David’s eyes. It looks expensive, well made and very pleasing to the eye. Focus Gracie, I’m talking about the suit. The three piece suit defines a man. It gives out a clear message of strength, sex appeal and power. Just like a male peacock spreading his feathers, in this case his suit, has us women respect the man the most. This coming year if you want the modern Gandy look, then go for the three piece suit.

david gandy reiss three piece suit worn at London collections men

david gandy reiss three piece suit worn at London collections men 

David Gandy - Reiss London Collections men 

A Glimpse of Power and Prestige

The women behind the lens for MenStyleFashion is Maria Scard. She is famous for capturing the essence of a man is his natural predator environment. It’s in capturing him in his most natural form that has lead David Gandy to give this photographer her credit. Her images were used in vogue.co.uk . The reason being that she took the best shot over the course of the LCM. For me it’s the shot of the year. Because competing amongst many it’s the seconds of the man in action is where he is at his best. David not convinced yet and I did say it several times, he is the James Bond of fashion in action. We wanted to show the world, that being a model is a God given gift. We wanted to show that men don’t pose. We appreciated the power of the man.

David Gandy stepping out of a 3 wheeler Morgan

Get the Sextorial Look

David says he styles himself everyday. Do you think he just woke up one morning and learnt the skill. Over the course of the three days I have had the privilege to tap into a man’s head when it comes to fashion. I have interviewed, under my followers requests, to get data on how a man should approach his wardrobe. How to put pieces together. How to identify your fabrics. What styles looks good. What classic staples should a man own. Why has he lost his passion to dress up let alone well. What to wear at the opera. I have the most amazing interviews coming you way, some are going to blow your mind. But there was a common message through my epic thirty or more interviews. Gentlemen, men’s fashion is back, Learn your style but mostly invest in a well made three piece suit. For me is now labelled the modern GANDY STYLE.

David Gandy - Driving 3 wheeler car 

David Gandy - Driving 3 wheeler car - Morgan in London

David Gandy - Reiss London Collections men

David Gandy - Wearing a three piece suit by Reiss 

David Gandy - Wearing a three piece suit

David Gandy at London Collections: Men

Image Credits: Maria Scard

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