Knee High Boots – You Can Judge A Man By His Boots

Knee High Boots – You Can Judge A Man By His Boots

J.W.Anderson - London Collections Men - knee high boots and men wearing dresses

Knee High Boots

I sent out a tweet about the need for images for my next knee high boot article. My tweet got tweeted many times but only one response came in by @StyleDivision,  a definite no from me. There’s a fine line between unique and ostentatious. Gentlemen this winter the knee high boot is a trend, a big trend or maybe not a trend at all. At London Collections: Men I asked David Gandy to explain his thoughts on the J.W.Anderson catwalk. I wanted to know how the catwalk transcended into a man’s everyday wardrobe. It was a valid question because truly the problem about the collection let alone men in knee high boots for most men is a BIG FAT NO. The bigger issue is that I am finding men are not knowing where to wear them or how to wear them? If a man dares wear such a statement boot they don’t want to be seen looking stupid. I asked a six year old girl her thoughts on the picture above.Those men look funny dressed up as girls. I asked WHY? Because men don’t wear dresses or boots like that. You see it’s ingrained into our culture at a very young age what is deemed stereo typical for a man to wear and what is not.

There’s A Fine Line Between Unique And Ostentatious

There’s a fine line between unique and ostentatious, this is a very crucial comment coming from a man regarding the knee high boot dilemma. But what does your footwear or your knee high boot say about you. Can you judge a man by his boots? Well clearly you can. This is why not one of you tweeted an image to the world. You were clearly not wanting to be judged. MenStyleFashion is all about encouraging any man to dress well let alone dress up. It’s not about getting it right or wrong but it’s about defining who you are on that given day. Fashion is all about an expression of how risky you are in public. Gracie Opulanza is all about predicting a trend, trying to stand out and not following any magazine. I have never followed trends and I will never do it. It’s simply not me. I don’t give a toss what you think about my style or my fashion sense, because for me the issue is not that at all. The issue is more stop conforming to the fashion trends but be inspired by them and step outside your comfort zone.

Knee high lace up boots for men

You Can Judge A Man By His Boots

The image below is by one of our followers who does self portraits of himself. He e-mailed me this image and I literally fell off the chair in pure admiration. Now if you want to adopt the knee high boot image then this guy shows us how. I’m not going to tell you much more about him.

Now Massimo Dutti has chosen the very influential David Gandy to show us how to get the equestrian look. But I am not convinced that the man himself can persuade a guy to wear these on the high street. Let’s face it to date: I’ve not seen David James Gandy walking in knee high boots anywhere.

My first article on knee high boots was such a success and that was written one year ago. This is my third attempt to encourage a guy to strut out in knee high boots this winter. Whether it be on a horse, motorbike or jumping out of his Jaguar to embrace the knee high boot trend. For goodness sake can anyone send me some images of you wearing the boots any way you deem fit. Or maybe it’s time I do a photo-shoot to inspire you to wear the knee high boot this winter?

Knee high boots Black
Knee High Boots For men David Gandy - Massimo Dutti
Knee High Boots For men Red Hunter boots
Knee High Boots For men riding boots

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