8 Modish Shoe Styles That Every Man Should Own

8 Modish Shoe Styles That Every Man Should Own

Research says the first thing that a person subconsciously notices about you is your shoes. So, it’s important that you wear nice shoes. Shoes are something that adds a lot of style to your attire and can even make you stand out if you are able to select the right ones. Selecting the right shoe can turn out to be a tedious task. Here are 8 amazing shoe styles that every man must possess.

Running Shoes

Favourites of the young generation, this is a style that almost goes with any casual wear. Sport shoes or running shoes are mainly used by sprinters for their daily practise. These are an absolute utility for frequent runners and can go even well with a simple tee and a trouser. Usually, this style fits perfectly when worn with a tracksuit. If you are looking for an awesome running shoe, search for Adidas Promo Code, and complete your perfect purchase.


Sneakers are another type of sports shoes that have rubber soles. They are basically canvas shoes that give a sporty look. These shoes are called the “daily wear” shoes and as per the name are used for daily usage. They are generally worn with casual wear and go well with tees and jeans.


Very close to sneakers, here comes yet another sports shoe. Trainers look absolutely the same as sneakers but these shoes are meant for sporting purposes. For example, trainers are apt for doing workouts, playing tennis, playing squash, and other court games. Fashion although remains the same as sneakers, these shoes have a lot of additional usages. Nike offers some of the best trainers. So get a Nike Voucher Code and hunt for your perfect purchase.

Formal Oxford Shoes

The first thing that comes up when we talk about formal shoes is Oxford shoes. This is a style one must definitely possess. Coming with its classical style of having the 5 shoelace eyelets tabs under the vamp, these shoes are an absolute fit for any occasion be it a board meeting or be it a marriage party.


These are low heeled shoes and have strong leather uppers. They are characterised by decorative broguing. They can be used as formal wear with a jacket but they mainly go well with dark and slim fit denim jeans.



Derby shoes are said to have ears. The stitching of the lateral blades of the cords is done on the vamp making the shoe adjustable. Coming to the style these are not as formal as Oxford shoes but these can certainly be worn as light formals with a jacket just like brogues. These can even serve as casuals if required and are also a great choice in wet conditions. But in case you need to go to a fully formal occasion, maybe a board meeting, maybe these are not the ideal shoes that you should look for.


This style is an old classic style from the last century and is still in fashion today. Wearing this gives a feeling that your feet is completely wrapped up in soft leather. Instead of providing traditional insoles, the upper of these shoes are made with a stitched leather sock which makes your feet feel great.

Winter Boots

An essential for the colder months is the winter boot. Winter boots can be worn with a lot of casual stuff. These would go well with a shirt and jeans and also suit with chinos and button-down shirts. Search for a Shopee Promo Code and add in a winter boot to your collection.

So these were the 8 styles that would enhance your style. Do check out each one of them and add style to your attire.

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