The narrow flat would have perfectly reflected the snow caped mountains surrounding an unusual palm tree setting. Yet the property on the lake shore is too majestic for many a boats not to curiously peek at the façade. Thus disturbing the mirroring qualities of water surface. Nonetheless the sweetness of the arrangement lay ahead on the other side of this continental crossing. Alps posing as a slow hindrance to the handmade chromed grille, for the winter had not said its farewell on the mountain high passes. Never has a destination been so perfectly balanced with the words Speed and two and a half tones of body weight. Mind you, all in the same sentence.

Bentley Mulsanne Speed

One has to be absolutely clever about describing this properly. Her, she is awaken and put to bed at an astounding home. An estate reached only by boat. At a glorious lake. Below the Alps. Him, puzzled with navigation, drive and avoiding slippery circumstances, all has to be in the astute of boundaries. She is all about waiting. For him. He is racing. To see her. In the boldest of four wheels this planet has to offer at this very moment in time. In fact so new, the registration papers say it’s still a prototype. Certain statistics call it the fastest sedan in the world. Be it. But beware, roads penetrating the Alps are curvaceous enough to make Monica Belucci blush. The radical part is the following. Although in a hurry, the more time he spends on the road, the bigger the smile. Although she can’t wait to see him, the more time she spends at the hidden retreat, life there is a blessing. Both awaiting with anticipation, but rushing things is not the solution. Final act is all but obvious, they belong together. For he is a Bentley Mulsanne Speed. And she is the reason cars like this are being built. Let the feature unravel.

The essential message is attractive, more importantly, very real. High speed continental crossings are in the genealogy of Crewe manufacture and one gets inspired quickly to be like the old Bentley Boys. This latest model to hit the parquet floor is all about imposing figures, but once aboard, notice the inverted dial needles. A subliminal sight reminding you of the racing heritage. Never mind the 4500 rpm redline as the powerhouse propelling these five and a half meters of steel monocoque body is unlike anything you could have imagined. Before it thumps to life with the press of a button, rest your eyes on the interior for a moment. So perfectly insulated from the outer world, this is silence and this is unrivaled craftsmanship with exquisite handcrafted details. Now press that START button and let’s hit the road.

Villa la Cassinella –  Lago di Como

Lago di Como has a fanciful flair to it. Historically, this is where aristocracy found it’s getaway to nature and refreshing summers. Nowadays a chic place where privacy is the priciest of them all. But this is something Villa la Cassinella has always had in abundance. In fact, to say it in a correct way, you best murmur the name itself, so well hidden a secret it is. But once you are there, well, the expression on her face tells a tale. Of a brave man who cuts the cypress trees on an incredibly long ladder. Of the very best of people who make an effort to make moments feel immense. Of time and place, cherished. The master bedroom on first floor, and one needs not be an architect to understand, has the windows in three directions of the wind rose. Lake, gardens, mountains, you master the views, therefore the name. It is an art and it takes a special kind of person to understand when a guest wishes to be alone or when fancying a cushion to sit on grass. Simone handles this with admiration. Not like a ghost, because these can be scary, but in a rather awe-inspiring fashion. Unfortunately not even he would be able to help you though, should you choose any particular tree on the property, to use its wood for a dashboard in the Mulsanne. Because one never really owns the Villa, just spends a certain amount of time here. But Bentley wouldn’t mind. Making any wooden parts of the interior from your personal estate forest. A word bespoke comes to my mind.

Bring your favorite lipstick to the factory and you can have the vehicle painted in this exact shade. Not that there is anything wrong with the sequin blue our specimen is wearing. They say it brings out the blue in people. Whoever said nobility couldn’t be bought. Speed written on the fender vents is the expression of epitome in engineering. A colossal 6 liter and three quarters of working displacement, in an iconic two valve per cylinder design, pinnacle is reached at 1.750 rpm in an unprecedented value of 1.100 Nm of torque. Regardless of the gearbox recalibration this car has gone through, even selecting the upper 8th speed means you fly with a rumble evaporating from riffled floating ellipse exhaust pipes. Up to the final speed of 305 kilometers per hour. Now is that something that might interest a driver on an intercontinental drive through the Alps. I bet the answer is affirmative. There isn’t much logic in the manner which this floating palace handles the curves, of course one feels the weight and its dimensions, but poise and steer are remarkable. Something to truly fall in love with.

Back at the villa a boat is dispatched. A final wave to the Cassinella, who knows, maybe next spring, again. But as for now, rear privacy glass is being raised, diamond quilted seat cushioning awaiting, a frosted glass bottle cooler completed with bespoke crystal champagne flutes at 6 degrees centigrade. Was it worth the wait? A champagne bottle opens at the villa, Simone just received a message: “Happiness is a state of mind, thank you for saving the best, for last!”