Philadelphia is located near the mountains and the ocean. You need approximately 1 hour to get there by car, that is a significant benefit. The cost of living in Philadelphia for a family of four members is $3,700 per month excluding housing expenses. For individuals monthly expenses average around $1,000 without house renting. Also, when it comes to renting apartments, prices typically range from $1,300 to $1,900 depending on the location you choose. In general, this task is stressful and even hard or annoying. In such situations, you should ask for help from movers from Boston to Philadelphia. Professionals will help you to relocate without stress, which is also important.

Interesting facts about the city

Philadelphia is a city with a rich history. However, living there may not suit everyone. Let’s delve into the factors you should consider before deciding to move:

  • This city seamlessly combines the conveniences of a center with the cozy atmosphere of a small town. Imagine residing in a place that offers all the energy and opportunities of a metropolis while still retaining that familiar neighborhood feel at the end of each day.
  • Philadelphia holds significance and boasts numerous fascinating aspects. It stands as the birthplace of achievements in America including the first hospital, business school, electronic computer, and stock exchange.
  • Personally, while some may view it as a drawback, it is believed that having all four seasons in a year is beneficial. It allows us to fully experience the atmosphere of each season and adds variety to our lives from time to time.
  • You’ll discover approximately twenty-five neighborhoods in this area all of which have a sense of community. As a newcomer, you’ll be warmly welcomed by everyone. City offers the blend of a knit community and ample opportunities found in larger cities.
  • The people are truly the heart and soul of this city. They are straightforward and honest, showing themselves at all times. It’s not uncommon to run into faces while strolling down the street every day giving the city a sense of home.
  • Philadelphia stands out as a hub that caters to both families and young individuals. With schools and highly regarded universities, your children will have plenty of inspiration to thrive academically. Moreover, this friendly and diverse city provides a range of options for everyone in your family to pursue their interests and desires.

So choosing this city to relocate is a reasonable decision. Everyone has their requirements for an ideal home, so it is also an individual opinion.

What are the downsides of living in Philadelphia?

There are also some drawbacks to living there. To be honest, there is no ideal city to live in without its disadvantages. So two factors contribute to the traffic congestion. Firstly, the city’s population density plays a role. Secondly, ongoing road constructions exacerbate the existing traffic jams in Philadelphia. As a result, drivers spend more than three days stuck in traffic each year. Opting for rail travel is the best choice to navigate through this situation.

Notably, poverty and crime rates are interlinked issues. Philadelphia holds the distinction of having the highest poverty rate among major cities in the United States. The high crime rate is a concerning reality in this area. Although it’s lower compared to cities of size it still poses a significant problem. It’s important to stay vigilant and be aware of your surroundings when walking on the streets. It would be wise to gather information about neighborhoods that may have issues. It’s unfortunate to admit. And this is the truth.

Getting groceries can be quite inconvenient due to their locations. Inside information suggests that walking to a grocery store is rarely feasible and if you don’t own a car it becomes problematic for you to shop for food. Another disappointment shared by locals is the cancellation of grocery orders due to demand. The streets can become quite dirty at times. Like in any city, cleanliness can be an issue here too. Locals often express their concerns about the amount of trash they encounter. It’s not uncommon to come across rats or mice while going into the city center.

In conclusion

Moving to this city or not – your personal decision. If you’re looking to get from cities that are more expensive but still want to be in the heart of progress – Philadelphia is the perfect city for you! And don’t forget to hire a professional moving company to make your relocation process easier.