What a way to experience the fastest Land Rover ever with the Range Rover Sport SVR, here in Andorra, right on steep ski slopes. Just getting out of the Range Rover Evoque nothing would prepare me for this powerful let alone roaring engine sound. Does it make a difference regarding 575HP on snow? So it made perfect sense to hear and drive it on snow. How well did it perform? How safe did I feel? Was I comfortable it during my steep decent?

The Range Rover SVR V8 is a 5.0 litre V8 Supercharged Petrol. With a whopping 575hp engine that delivers a powerful 700Nm of torque.

Land Rover Snow Experience - Range Rover SVR V8 575 HP

Why should anyone want to know how to drive and tackle snow and ice conditions at this amount of power?  It is great and fun to do the Land Rover Experience.

Watch the video and find out!

In these mountains, you want to have enough safety and power to climb 2400m. When you are dropping your kids off it is always like the Spanish definition of the running of the bulls. Everyone trying to reach for the same destination to drop their kids off on time. In the snow, it is more challenging than ever. I certainly felt powerful in this huge beast.

Land Rover Snow Experience - Range Rover SVR V8 575 HP