I often am driving in Andorra during the winter and most of the time I am driving in the snow. As a mum of two dropping and picking up my kids for the school run can be very challenging during very heavy snowfall. So today I wanted to experience the latest Range Rover Evoque both on snow and ice.  The aim was to learn about new technology and how to tackle snow and ice conditions.

Thanks to Land Rover Spain it was great to test drive how it can keep me and my children safe.

Andorra is a tiny, independent principality situated between France and Spain in the Pyrenees mountains. It’s known for its ski resorts and a tax-haven status that encourages duty-free shopping. 

Land Rover Experience - Snow Perform

Understand Traction

If the wheels start to spin or slide, ease off the accelerator until you feel the tyres regain grip. The video goes into detail about the difference between snow and desert options. Why would you need desert options when driving in snow conditions?

What is the difference regarding the car not sliding on snow, with the technology on and off?

Land Rover - Range Rover Evoque The Snow And Ice Experience

Land Rover Experience

If you own a Range Rover or wanting to understand how it performs in the snow. This is an experience I would opt for. You don’t have to be confident driver a professional instructor is on hand guiding you through the course. Generally, it is very safe.

Land Rover Experience - Range Rover Evoque Snow Performance

We also talk about the difference between snow tires and all-weather tyres.

Check your Tyres

Make sure your winter tyres are properly inflated and remember that over-inflation can reduce grip.

Be Prepared

Towards the end of autumn, book a pre-winter check at your local Land Rover Retailer.

But remember when driving in the snow, no matter how modern the technology is in any car, snow tyres are always required.  For maximum saftey and from personal experince, in snow always use snow tyres, not chains.

Land Rover Experience - Range Rover Evoque Snow Performance

I learnt so much and the car for me as interior design goes was lovely! For everyone out there living in snow conditions, this is a great way to learn and get confident on snow and ice.