If ever an item of clothing portrayed an image of rebellion, contempt for the conventional, a disregard for rule books and regulation, look no further than the seminal leather jacket. Throughout the ages the leather jacket has become synonymous with outsider-cool, a rights of passage for the rebel within desperately trying to fight its way out.

Marlon Brando epitomised his rebellious nature terrorising small town America in The Wild One as far back as 1953.  The Sex Pistols and The Ramones, with their sultry, bratish punk behaviour would never have looked the same without a leather jacket on their back. While to this day it’s rock’n’roll, devil-may-care attitude is exuded through bands such as The Strokes and Kings of Leon.

Rules for Leather Jackets

However, even a leather jacket must adhere to some rules:

  • No hoods: It is not a rain-mac. You are not wearing this jacket to keep warm or dry, you a wearing it to look good.
  • Minimal zips/pockets: You’re jeans are for phones, wallets and loose change, your leather jacket requires two pockets and those are for putting your hands in. Plus, the lady hanging off your arm will be carrying a handbag anyway.
  • Collar optional: A tricky one this with no set rule. Personally I go for the round neck but if you want to rock a collar don’t let me stop you.
  • No logos: Unless you’re a Hells Angel or part of a motorcycle gang keep your leather jacket logo free. If you want a jacket with logos, get yourself a baseball jacket.
marlon Brando leather jacket

Marlon Brando

caleb and a leather jacket wooho


sex pistols - leather jackets

Rock Stars and Leather jackets go hand in hand

Leather Jackets Grease

Grease and leather jackets were inseparable

Leather Jackets James Dean

Cool is an understated word for James Dean