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How Men Can Make A Business Suit Look Stunning

Anyone can pick out a suit, but it takes someone with a keen attention to detail to pick out the best one possible before others will notice. In business, that distinction can make all the difference. When considering a professional setting, here are some tips to help you ensure you obtain the best available.

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A Tailored Fit

First and foremost, the suit needs to be tailored to your body frame. Don’t go and find the first suit you try on from the nearest department store that seems like a good fit. It isn’t, and those who are familiar with the differences between custom suits and mass-produced suits will judge you on your unexceptional appearance. Grabbing a custom suit is by far the most important choice you can make. A few extra details you may want to be aware of: You’ll want a hand-stitched sleeve lining, a hand-stitched left breast pocket, and vented pleats for your trousers. These ensure a good fit, more longevity, and a tailor who knows what he’s doing.

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Be Bold

The entire point is to grab everyone’s attention, and to do this you need to be able to take command of a room. Don’t let your clothing get in the way; wear flamboyant tie and suit combinations that exude confidence and style. Always wear a splash of red, no matter what. Don’t be afraid to be bold and loud when choosing the perfect suit. If you don’t like a bright tie, then try interchanging a dark tie with a bright dress shirt or suit coat. Even polka dots can be an option.

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Seasonal Trend Awareness

Believe it or not, current trends allow you to wear what actually makes the most sense. In spring and summer, don’t dwell on wearing that silk tie, but when fall and winter come around go ahead and wear wool.

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Spread Collars

Know the difference between a point collar and a spread collar, and know that the spread collar is trending and will be for the foreseeable future.


Don’t be afraid of patterned pocket squares or colored handkerchiefs. They won’t make you look old. After all, they’re there for your appearance, not your nose. While you’re at it, try on a pair of glasses. It doesn’t matter if you have perfect vision. Need some extra space? Try sporting a contemporary leather briefcase. Wear a refined watch. And don’t think for a second that no one will ever see your socks. Think carefully before you slip on that mismatching pair. Stripes? Argyle? You can make them work.

Business Suits for men pocket square


Ever heard of the flower loop? It’s the single hand-stitched loop traditionally used for holding a flower. Although few make use of it anymore, it’s something to ask your tailor about. And if you make use of the flower, too, then you’ve upheld tradition and looked stylish while doing it. Also be sure you have that hidden pocket in your trousers. If you’re sporting such a great looking suit, you’ll want that handy compartment to store anything valuable you may have on your person.

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Colour and Tone

It’s already been suggested that you be bold with your style. But if that’s not for you, try a more traditional approach. Grey is a tried and true choice. Try different shades of grey using different pieces of clothing. Your suit jacket itself may have a grey on grey pattern. Add these shades to your dress shirt and trousers, and you’ll have an outfit that will make you appear both professional and trendy.

Business Suits for men colour and tone

Suit Variations

Three piece suits are in style. Give the vest a try and make it work. When deciding on a suit, don’t forget to give thought to the fabric. Think cashmere wool. And think about what would make you personally look most distinctive when considering the people you’ll be around, especially if you know exactly how they dress. Use this knowledge to determine whether your suit coat and trousers will be short, long, or regular.

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