Leather Review – All about The Jacket Maker 

Leather Review – All about The Jacket Maker 

What do all wardrobes in the world have in common? Outerwear. No matter what size, shape or form or even purpose or quantity, outerwear is definitely on everyone’s list of wardrobe staples. For some this may be leather jackets, blazers or trench coats, for others the timeless leather biker jackets that have proved timelessness really does exist.

Having established this point of leather outerwear being a force to be reckoned with, it’s no wonder more and more brands are introducing a great variety of leather outerwear for men to choose from. Yet, there is that question of quality, fit, style, craftsmanship and in many cases functionality. Is it even possible? To find all of these elements in one brand and hence in one top-notch durable piece of outerwear? Sure you can. Have you met The Jacket Maker?

The Jacket Maker 

Meet The Jacket Maker

A direct to customer brand that was founded as a solution to three problems often experienced by customers. These being accessibility, convenience and perfection. Furthermore, offering consumers a choice of Ready-to-Wear, Made-to-Measure and Bespoke outerwear options.

Since its inception, The Jacket Maker has always strived to simplify personalization in the fashion industry. Aptly quoting their CEO and Co-Founder Syed who says ‘We believe you should never settle for anything almost perfect’ covers just how close The Jacket Maker is to such aspects as attention to detail, design, quality craftsmanship and yes even durability.

Not forgetting their inclusive nature that invites individuals from all walks of life, genders, orientations and cultures to experience the best of this one of a kind start-up. You’re always welcome at The Jacket Maker.

Shopping at The Jacket Maker

It’s super easy and enjoyable to shop at The Jacket Maker. All you have to do is browse through their wide and carefully curated assortment of leather outerwear. If you see something you like, you can go ahead and select a size that’s right for you and follow the instructions to make your order request. They even have reading material and visuals to help customers with finding the correct size or getting their correct measurements. What’s this? Measurements.

That’s right, if need be The Jacket Maker also personalizes regular jackets from their assortment, maybe even a made-to-measure piece or better yet; custom jackets designed from scratch totally based on customer requirements and this can be anything from choice of colour, type of material, style of jacket, detailing, hardware, finishing and personalization. The options and possibilities are endless.

What’s even more interesting, is that The Jacket Maker offers a totally free design consultancy with no strings attached. No matter how crazy your idea for the perfect leather jacket is, you can be sure that The Jacket Maker will bring your vision to reality through their custom leather jacket model. Truly, seeing is believing! So head over and check them out.

The Jacket Maker 

Promises to The Jacket Maker Customer

True to the core, The Jacket Maker promises customers the following elements that are always found embedded in every awesome leather piece that they produce.

Finest Raw Materials: The raw materials used by The Jacket Maker, add life to their jackets, using nothing but the best possible materials. All their jackets are made with full grain natural leather, using YKK zippers and polyester lining.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: All products by The Jacket Maker are handmade, each piece being crafted one at a time by one craftsman with an equal amount of precision and attention to detail, unlike mass chain productions.

Fair Pricing- Directly to You: As mentioned before, The Jacket Maker’s direct-to-consumer model, enables their products to be sold at ¼ the price of what luxury brands would sell them for. This is only made possible, by cutting out middlemen, storefront costs and inefficient marketing spent.

Sizes that Fit All: Exlusivity is a buzzword these days, but The Jacket Maker takes this point quite seriously. The brand understands the feeling of wearing an awesome leather jacket, especially one that is made special. All their jackets are offered in eight standard sizes from XS to 4XL along with a Made-to-Measure and Customized option.

Full Customization: The Jacket Maker also understands the freedom of expression, diversity and the feeling of being unique. This aspect is played through to the very detail that is found in any bespoke leather jacket made by this one-of-a-kind brand. It is because of this understanding and belief that customers are free to share their ideas for their bespoke jackets in a free design consultancy via email. This being one of four stages of The Jacket Maker’s bespoke process.

Concluding Thoughts

After reading this first-hand account on The Jacket Maker, it is pretty evident that it is one of the best leather outerwear brands that stays true to its credo, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and so much more. Head on over if you’d like an experience you will always remember.

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