Long Silver Earrings – The Following 4 Tips

Long Silver Earrings – The Following 4 Tips

If you want to make a fashion statement, there’s no other better to do it than on your ears. Earrings are easily noticeable, especially if you match them with the appropriate hairstyle and outfit. Earrings can make you the centre of attraction with your simple palazzo or even tunic. When you wear the right earrings, you don’t need to have the most expensive dress. These accessories can make a simple outfit to step out of the box. But the secret lies in finding the right earrings.

For a long time, many people, including celebrities, have been wearing long silver earrings to accentuate their looks.  Wearing long silver earrings seem to be the hottest trend this season as more women step out on the red carpet wearing their favourite accessories. Long silver earrings allow you to express yourself and become the centre of attraction to those around you. If you already have your long silver earrings and you don’t know how to show them off, here are five tips to help you become the belle of the ball at any occasion.

Show Off Your Long Silver Earrings with the Following 4 Tips

1. Choose Long Silver Earrings According to Your Face Shape

People have different face shapes, and the shape of your face will dictate the type of earrings to wear. Unfortunately, not everyone will look good with long earrings, so it’s essential to know the shape of your face before purchasing earrings. Matching the right face shape with the right earrings can make a world of difference in your overall outlook.

The inverted triangle is among the common face shapes in women. It’s characterized by a broad forehead and a tapered chin. If your face has the shape of an inverted triangle, you should consider choosing earrings that will draw attention to your eyes. For instance, chandelier and teardrop silver earrings work best for people with such a face.

People with round faces have a broad cheekbone with little or no tapering at the chin. If you have a round face, you should probably consider drop earrings. However, avoid dangling earrings, studs, or ball-shaped earrings at all costs. When buying long silver earrings, go for those with geometric shapes.

If you have a square face, try wearing earrings with shapes that will soften the angles of your face. For instance, you may consider wearing long oval drop earrings or round silver hoops. People with square should avoid rectangular or square earrings at all costs.

2. Choose Earrings that Match Your Bone Structure

People have different bone structures, and therefore you need to choose earrings that will match with your bone structure. For instance, if you have a small bone structure, you should select delicate styles of long silver earrings. On the other hand, people with a large, more solid bone structure can rock with more significant and more opulent styles of silver earrings.  If you have a medium bone structure, you should go for medium-sized earring styles.

3. Wear Long Silver Earrings in the Right Occasion

Many of the long silver earrings can be worn on any occasion. However, it’s essential to consider the venue before wearing some earring styles. For instance, if you are going to spend your day in the office, you may consider wearing something more conservative. On the other hand, if you are headed for a dinner party, you can rock with your fancy heavy hoops, chandelier earrings, or even dangling silver earrings. Let people know that you’ve come to dine and wine.

4. Choose Your Colors Well

We all have different skin tones, which plays a crucial role in choosing outfits. Some people have a warm skin tone while others have cool skin tones, depending on their complexion. Silver earrings look best on people with cool skin tones. Individuals with warm and neutral skin tones can also look elegant with silver earrings as long as they match them with the right outfit. Long silver earrings come in many styles, and you can be sure that you will get a pair that suits your needs.

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