Leef iBridge Mobile Memory – Review 2015

Leef iBridge Mobile Memory – Review 2015


Something that I have always had a problem with is the fact that my phone always reaches a point where I have to free up some space by deleting pictures and apps because my phone has reached it’s storage limit. Regardless of whether I have a 16 GB phone or a 64GB phone, this moment always comes and it’s always at the wrong time. With the Leef iBridge, I really found that this problem was solved.


Leef is a premier designer and developer of flash memory-based consumer electronics products. They are headquartered in San Francisco, with additional design and R&D offices in Salt Lake City and sales offices in Europe, Russia, Hong Kong and Brazil. Wherever their team is located, they are dedicated to building products that people want to own.

I managed to get my hands on the iBridge for this review and you can find my overall score at the end of this page if you want to cut to the chase! The Leef iBridge is the iOS mobile storage solution designed to easily expand the storage capacity on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod without ever worrying about deleting memories again. Here are my thoughts:


Probably the most impressive feature of this storage device is the way it fits into and around the phone considering your hand placement at all times. It is curved in form and sits neatly behind the phone without impeding with your hand in holding the phone. This really was the one thing I questioned about the product before handling it. Wont it get in the way of my hand? Absolutely not. I was able to hold the phone as I normally would and not even notice it was there!


You will also notice that the USB side doesn’t touch the back of your phone either! I was especially happy about this because I have never scratched the back of my phone and for it to scratch as a result of this item would have really upset me! Thankfully the design actually allows for a little gap between the iBride and the back of the phone. I don’t know how one could design this item any better.


In order to test the storage capability of the iBridge, I ran the device through one simple test: The Continuous Video Tests

The Continuous Video test consists of recording one video for as long as the storage allows. This gives us a time in minutes of video that my 32GB iBridge could store. I managed to record continuously for 254 minutes.


Connecting to a Computer

Once you have your photos and videos stored in the iBridge, you’re able to then transfer the photos either to your camera roll or transfer them to your computer via the USB end. I found this process as easy a you would expect a normal memory stick to be! It’s basically the same thing! The one difference being that you can plug it right into to your phone without the need for an extension or adaptor.


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