Men’s Winter Jackets – Embrace The Full Length Coat

Men’s Winter Jackets – Embrace The Full Length Coat

Men’s Winter Jackets

I have never been a fan of the winter months, it’s cold, it’s wet, the days short, the nights long but worst of all, I’ve never fully grasped the nuances of the winter wardrobe. I’ve always struggled with the layers of clothing needed to survive the winter months and it always appears to be a minefield of questions with no definitive answer: how many layers should one wear? If you’re wearing a hat how do you style your hair? Why wear a great t-shirt or shirt when it’s going to spend most of the time hidden by a coat? What does one wear to go out of an evening when a coat becomes a nuisance once inside any form of drinking establishment? And these questions are merely the tip of the iceberg.


Bearing these questions in mind, I think the one item of clothing that’s paramount to making me feel like my winter outfit reaches its zenith has to be the winter coat; it’s the one item people see more than anything else you wear, it keeps you warm and if you choose wisely, it can be worn to the office or down the local pub of a Friday evening.

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Embrace The Full-Length Coat

This season I have decided I’m bored of the shorter coats and gone for a brown and black herringbone check number that sits just below the knee meaning I’m protected from the elements that little bit more but it retains the crucial elements of sartorial elegance fused with modern fashion.

A fuller length coat transcends the boundaries of classic wear and modern culture. It needn’t be too twee but on the other hand, it doesn’t look like you are trying too hard either. It can be worn with a suit and good pair of brogues or boots but looks just as good with a sweater, tapered or skinny jeans – with a good rolled-up hem of course – and a pair of bright coloured trainers.

So forget about leather jackets, wool-lined denim jackets, peacoats and the like and embrace the fuller length coat.

Stay warm, look cool this winter. Choose the jacket that states you

men's blue winter - vintage jacket long

paul smith long winter jacket - 2013

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