Loafer Tips – How To Wear Sockless Loafers For Summer

Loafer Tips – How To Wear Sockless Loafers For Summer

Italy is famous for men wearing sockless loafers. Over the past few days, I am noticing how the Italian men are trending in their loafer style. How do you wear sockless loafers? What colours can you wear during Spring and Summer?

When we were in Venice. we noticed The Furlane which is a quintessential Venetian slipper.  It dates back to the XIX century when brave ladies produced footwear with left-over fabrics. These simple shapes are why for 2022 men are trending their own take on Venetian palazzo style. These loafers have a boat image which can transcend onto a bike and the streets of Italy.

Red Velvet

You have to be bold and old to have confidence in wearing red velvet sockless loafers. Then team it with an Adidas trainer. One can only command that here in Italy.

Loafer Tips - How To Wear Sockless Loafers For Summer red velvet

There is a lot of mix and matching here happening.  Is it too much? The houndstooth blazer is already a statement. Then to match it with striped trousers is another bold level. The loafers worn here in Italy are velveted slippers. Very popular in Venice too.

red loafers Loafer Tips - How To Wear Sockless Loafers For Summer

Sockless odour can be an issue. So make sure you give love to your pedicure feet. Invest in foot scrubs and make sure your toenails are clipped. You can opt for tassel loafers.

Brown Loafers

Brown suede loafers look very smart with chinos. Stretch chino is very popular here in Italy. With an elastic waist, it means that the weight gaining problem can be solved by wearing elastic fabrics. This is brilliant because it does not compromise one’s style.

blue lofers

Linen plays a key part in Italian men’s style. And a linen blazer is brilliant for staying cool in summer. This guy looks effortlessly cool in his. In fact, notice his partner matches well too. She is also wearing pink sockless loafers. Can men wear pink loafers? This pastel pink linen blazer is a wonderfully versatile colour to wear through the hotter months. This overall look would work well at a wedding too.

bron leather lofers


In Italy, a manbag is always popular. You can see these men choosing to wear the classic leather briefcase. Be playful with your manbag. If you have never worn loafers. This is a good starting point. They are not made within walking distance. But they do look very stylish. Loafers look fabulous with linen shorts. Or if you want a nice denim short too.


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